GWENT: announced the return of the Journey for season 5

Season 5 is coming for GWENT, the popular free-to-play from CD Projekt RED: for the occasion, it has been announced that Travel mode will also return

CD Projekt RED continues to develop new content for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game. Taken from the minigame of the famous The Witcher 3, GWENT has become, over time, a real evolution of the formula of its original version. In conjunction with the arrival of the new season 5, through a press release, it was therefore recently announced that the Travel mode will return to GWENT.

The Travel mode of GWENT season 5

For the uninitiated, Journey is a progression system that rewards players as they level up, earning victories in matches in Standard, Seasonal and Draft modes. Specifically, season 5 will have over 100 levels to be unlocked, each containing exclusive avatars and reward points, which players will be able to redeem for items available in the reward book. This season will run for the next three months, and will be centered around the character of Triss Merigold, already well known to players of the main series of The Witcher.

In this season 5 of GWENT, in addition to the basic level of the Free Journey for all players, the Premium Pass, which grants players immediate access to the Triss Merigold skin. Through this special pass, even more rewards will be available to unlock, including various outfits, charms and auras for Triss, premium and standard cards, titles, animated borders and avatars. Additionally, a special package which includes the Premium Pass and an instant upgrade to the Journey progression.

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