New RocketU 1400 series USB 3.2 20Gbps cards

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Highpoint has announced its new RocketU 1400 series USB 3.2 20Gbps cards

The HBA USB HighPoint RocketU serie 1400 20G have been designed for professional applications. These require robust connectivity solutions that can accommodate a wide range of high-speed data acquisition applications. Such as a 3D imaging or motion capture platform, high definition security system, ADAS sensor suite, IOT devices and spectrum analyzers.

The 1400 Series RocketU HBAs utilize the latest iteration of architecture PCB with market leading door performance. This ensures that each port on the device is paired with a controller IC USB 3.2 Gen2 20G USB dedicato. In previous product generations, these were only available with up to four device channels. RocketU 1400 controllers, on the other hand, are available with up to eight ports USB Type-C (here for more info) independent and can provide up to 16,000 MB / s of transfer bandwidth.

New RocketU 1400 series USB 3.2 20Gbps cards

High performance with RocketU 1400 series USB 3.2 20Gbps

Connectivity USB 20G it is ideal for industrial, scientific and multimedia applications. For example, all those requiring high performance connectivity solutions that can be easily integrated into industry standard PC based hardware platforms. USB devices are affordable, easy to maintain, and are universally compatible with any modern computing platform and operating system. Volumetric (3D) image and video capture solutions use multiple high-definition cameras to record one or more objects in three-dimensional space. These cameras capture large volumes of data which are then transferred to a central storage device, often a cloud-based server, for processing. Each camera requires dedicated bandwidth to minimize latency and preserve image quality.

Even machine learning or artificial intelligence applications acquire and monitor continuous streams of incoming data through a series of cameras and sensors. While these applications vary in scope and purpose, they all share a common thread. That is the need for one connectivity solution capable of managing multiple simultaneous data streams and independent at maximum throughput. This is the bread and butter of the RocketU 1400 series. Architecture Per-Port Performance di HighPoint provides independent connection paths with large transfer bandwidth.


RocketU 1400 HBAs are powered by the hardware architecture USB Per-Port Performance 20G di HighPoint, which allows each port on the device to deliver maximum bandwidth at the same time. Each independent device channel is supported by a dedicated USB 3.2 20G controller and a robust PCIe 3.0 host interface; x4 per RocketU 1411C e x16 per RocketU 1444C e RocketU 1488C. This design allows each port to function as an independent 20G controller. Hosted devices can operate independently of each other at the same time without fear of performance loss. In addition to dedicated bandwidth, each port provides up to 7.5W of power for device operation or charging.

The 1400 Series RocketU HBAs are real devices plug-and-play and can be easily integrated into any industry-standard Intel, AMD, or ARM-based computing platform with one interface host PCIe 3.0 o 4.0. No software suite or device driver installation is required. RocketU 1400 HBAs are compatible devices with xHCI and are natively supported by all modern Windows operating systems and Linux distributions. The 1400 Series RocketU HBAs feature industry standard Type-C ports for maximum compatibility. They accept a wide range of USB cabling accessories and are capable of supporting any industry standard USB 3.x / 2.x device.

New RocketU 1400 series USB 3.2 20Gbps cards

Certified cable accessories

HighPoint manufactures a selection of certified data cables for USB HBA and Enclosure products. HighPoint Certified Cable Accessories are fully compliant with all current USB technology standards and have been rigorously tested with our RocketU Series HBAs to ensure maximum transfer performance, secure connectivity and ease of integration.

  • RocketU 1411C (RU1411C) – 1x USB 20G Type-C port: MSRP $ 59.00
  • RocketU 1444C (RU1444C) – 4 USB 20G Type-C ports: MSRP $ 399.00
  • RocketU 1488C (RU1488C) – 8 USB 20G Type-C ports: MSRP 699.00 USD

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