No announcements on the release date of God of War: Ragnarok

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Some reputable insiders and credible leakers hinted at a possible State of Play a fine giugno 2022 where Sony would announce the God of War: Ragnarok official release date. However, it appears the company has changed its plans and that, at least today, there will be no announcement.

God of War: Ragnarok – no release date for today

Earlier this month, Jason Schreier shared a new report on Bloomberg exit date from God of War: Ragnarokstating that his sources had confirmed that the game would be released in 2022. Furthermore, Schreier had confirmed that on June 30, or today, Sony would announced the official release date.

The reality, however, is quite different because we are already at the end of the month and, apparently, Sony will not announce anything.

It seems in fact that the showcase organized by Sony for the new chapter of God of War has been sent internally; or at least that’s what certain and reliable sources say. Schreier, however, wanted to reassure the fans by telling them that the title has not yet been postponed.

This means that God of War: Ragnarok may actually come out by the end of 2022.

God of War: Ragnarok has the potential to become one of the most great PlayStation 5 exclusive games. However, it might seem risky, for some fans, to release it in the course of 2022 due to The Elden Ring. The two titles, in fact, could find themselves against each other during the The Game Awards.

Sony, however, may also surprise everyone. After all Microsoft has already postponed two important titles to 2023 and it has nothing major coming out of its first-party studios this year, which lessens the pressure on Sony to release God of War: Ragnarok this year.

At the moment, therefore, we don’t know exactly when it will come out the new chapter of God of War. If Sony really wants to offer its players a high-quality experience, the title could be postponed to 2023. But we know that Sony loves surprises so who knows: we just have to wait and hope to get new information as soon as possible.

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