Con le nuove regole del riscaldamento è possibile risparmiare fino a 265 euro a famiglia thumbnail

New rules on heating: savings of up to 265 euros per family

With the new heating rules it is possible to save up to 265 euros per family thumbnail

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A new survey by the and Observatory describes the impact of the new heating rules on Italians’ spending on bills. The new National Plan for the containment of gas consumption aims to reduce consumption related to heating throughout Italy with a new set of rules. Here is their impact on the bill.

With the new rules for heating you save

The new Consumption containment plan reduces the number of days the heaters are switched on, which will activate 7 days later and switch off 8 days earlier. The duration of switching on of the heaters is also reduced by 1 hour per day (the actual dates and hours per day depend on the climatic zone where the supply is located). Also noteworthy is a 1 ° C cut in the temperature that can be reached at home which is now set at 19 ° C with 2 degrees of tolerance.

According to the data of the and Observatory, it is possible to obtain a savings of up to 265 euros in the bill with the cut in consumption linked to the new rules on heating. The table below shows the simulations carried out by the study which quantify the reduction in consumption and also estimate the savings for families.

Type of customer Reduction of gas consumption (Smc) Savings in the bill
Single 80 163 €
Couple 100 204 €
Family 130 265 €

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