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PayPal supports passkeys on Apple devices

PayPal is making it easier for users with an Apple device to access its services. Right now, in fact, the company has announced support for passkey as an access method to PayPal accounts, allowing iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to log into on as well without using a password.

PayPal: the passkeys supported by Apple devices

Passkeys are a relatively new industry standard created by FIDO Alliance and from World Wide Web Consortium, in collaboration with Apple, Google and Microsoft. Together, these organizations have considered replacing passwords with cryptographic key pairs– a public key stored in the cloud and a private key stored locally on users’ devices. A system aimed at guaranteeing the safety of users on the Net is undeniable.

From now on, Apple device users with iOS 16, iPadOS 16.1 o macOS is coming they can use the passkeys to access the PayPal account. How? Just log into the PayPal website from your desktop or mobile device, type your username and password, and then select the “Create a passkey” option. At this point the platform will ask users to authenticate with Apple Face ID or Touch ID to finish the process of creating the passkey, which will then be synchronized with the iCloud Keychain service from Apple.

Users with devices that don’t support passkeys can still use an iPhone to sign in with a PayPal passkey, but they will have to scan a QR code that appears after entering your username. Passkeys will be supported by PayPal for now in the United Statesbut from the beginning of 2023 they will be available in other countries and on other platforms.

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