New Shepard Blue Origin: Here comes the model that resembles something else

New Shepard Blue Origin: arriva il modellino che ricorda qualcos'altro thumbnail

Jeff Bezos set off for the atmosphere aboard his space company Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket: on the occasion of the launch, a model of the rocket made by Estes, a company specializing in the construction of this kind of model. The device is fully functional and even equipped with a parachute for landing, but closely resembles other types of “missiles”.

Blue Origin’s New Shepard becomes a model

Despite the rocket’s unusual shape to say the least, which could lead you to mistake this model for something else, the Estes version of New Shepard presents itself as a must have for all lovers of space modeling. Not only is this miniature a faithful representation of its original counterpart, it is also fully functional.

The Estes model of New Shepard Blue Origin is in fact able to take off just like a real rocket and is even equipped with a small parachute that automatically activates in midair to ensure a soft and comfortable landing. The model costs 69,99 $ in its basic version, but can also be purchased through the complete package a 109,99 $, which includes the launch pad, the controller to control the trajectory of the launch and the motors to reach higher altitudes.

“Estes is proud to have partnered with Blue Origin – reads the official site of the company – together we can offer a piece of history that can inspire kids to dream and imagine. The ready-to-fly model of the New Shepard is a perfect addition to your office shelf, or to recreate the flight of the rocket for yourself. “

It must be said that the shape of the rocket leaves room for many misunderstandings and keeping one at home, perhaps well displayed on a shelf, could attract more than a bewildered look. The reason is obviously easy to say: New Shepard has repeatedly been the subject of sardonic comments that compared him in features to a male genital organ. and the model is just the right size to easily mistake for a sex toy.

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