Braun: a tribute to the styles that have marked the history of shaving

On the occasion of the world beard day, Braun has decided to pay homage to the styles that have marked the history of shaving

Whether it is thick or sparse, the beard has always revealed the personality of every man. Braun And leader always in the electric foil shaving, and on the occasion of the World Beard Day, celebrates every type of beard and style. By doing this, he will retrace the most significant looks that have marked the history of grooming from the 1920s to today.

The 1920s

The alboti of the electric razor. The style dictated a clean shave, a trend that drew attention to a growing emphasis on personal hygiene. Get the look of the Hollywood paladins it has never been easier. With the Braun Series 9, thanks to the Sonic Intelligent technology that reads and adapts to the density of the beard, it is possible to obtain deep and precise shaves.

The cleaning station Clean&Charge supplied with some models is an important plus. In fact, it allows you to recharge the razor, clean and sanitize it, lubricating e drying the razor itself.

The 1950s

Decade of rock’n’roll e blue jeans, where the very first foil razor made by Braun also landed. Efficient and distinctive design with cutting-edge performance.

As distinctive as the classic tuft of beard under the lips, known as a fly or musket. To get it, just shave the beard to zero with the Braun Series 7 and sculpt the goatee on the chin with the practical beard trimmer Braun BT3240.

Braun: a tribute to the styles that have marked the history of shaving

The 70s

These years saw the birth of the Punk. Numerous bands and artists of the era led the movement with styles and cuts of hair provocateurs. The cuts often included a complete shaving of the face, obtainable with the use of Braun Series 9, equipped with the most perfect technology in one pass.

Impossible not to mention the finisher Braun all-in-one MGK7221 which can be used both to shave the hair on the sides and to give it shape desired to the tuft.

The 80s

The great return of the mustache, often associated with the counterculture during the previous decades. Get perfect mustache it is simpler than it may seem: after all it will be necessary to shave the beard, shape the baffi Chevron and trim unwanted hair. All with a single device: the Braun Series 7.

The 90s

The early 1990s saw the birth of what would soon become the most powerful hip-hop cultural current. Despite the Flat Top requires careful maintenance, fortunately Braun has the right solution: Braun MGK7221. With this you will be able to shave the hair on the sides and back of the head and finish off the top. With the help of Braun Series 9 you can get a close shave in one stroke.

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