New successful eCommerce: discovering Temu

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The success of Temu, one of the most talked about eCommerce of the moment, capable of generating numerous profits in a short time

The reality in China is harsh, and there is certainly no shortage of political and social problems to worry the population. However, in the aforementioned nation some are revealed internationally technological and digital innovations highly respectable, then absorbed by each country in the world. Among these it is worth mentioning Temu’s success, one of the most talked about eCommerce of the moment, capable of generating numerous profits in a short time. In fact, the portal in question has managed to expand throughout almost the entire West, from Italy to the United States, where among other things its headquarters have recently been opened (in Boston). Created by Pdd Olding – one of the giants of the Chinese economy -, Temu has also brought innovations in sales methodologies, combining social networks and eCommerce.

The fact that Temu is carving out a notable space for itself in the Italian market can be attributed, among other things, to the great attention to user experience. In fact, this aspect – and the article in which the UX specialist Lorenzo Pinna explains how to increase a site’s conversions confirms it – is one of the pillars on which the success of an eCommerce is based. The recent platform is trying to follow the same steps as other Chinese social networks or eCommerce, such as TikTok and Shein, entering the market with low cost products and a series of advertising campaigns expressed in important events, on social media and even in applications.

Temu’s low prices are one of the reasons for its success

Going to discover Temu, it is possible to say that one of the reasons behind his rapid success is linked to low product prices on sale. Having effectively cut out the figure of the intermediary between sellers and buyers, eCommerce has been able to obtain this feature, which is extremely advantageous. No warehouse employees in the country where the goods are shipped are included, and consumer operations on Temu are decidedly more direct: the seller ships to the buyer’s home independently. As if that wasn’t enough, discounts and promotions are constantly offered on the new platform.

The broad advertising scope

Temu owes his success too to the broad advertising scope, adopting an aggressive marketing strategy. From this point of view, it is incredible that eCommerce managed to have its own space during the Super Bowl, the sporting event with the highest number of audiences in the United States. The message launched is a similar slogan that suggests to consumers that they can even buy luxury goods at a low price within the platform. But also i social network played an important role for Temu, as the latter launched the hashtag #temu on TikTok and found high visibility on Instagram and Facebook. The digital process of eCommerce is nothing short of exciting, because it has implemented a game on various social networks where consumers can win credits to use for purchases on the platform, and has encouraged customers to make purchases video unboxing to share on their social profiles.

Temu targeted the international market

Like TikTok and Shein, Temu was also designed for aim at the international market, and achieved considerable success. The data in this regard reveals that the eCommerce app is the first in the ranking for downloads made in Germany, Australia and especially in the United States. Temu’s last months brought a turnover of 52.5 billion yuan into the pockets of the Chinese company Pdd Holdings, the equivalent of 7 billion dollars.

Temu’s safety

The only danger to Temu is the security, as it does not seem to guarantee the protection of its customers’ sensitive data. No investigations have been launched at the moment, however the programmers of the well-known Chinese eCommerce are working to cover this flaw. The advice is to make purchases with secondary credit cards or via PayPal account.