new t-roc test drive of Volkswagen’s best-selling crossover

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Five years after its official debut, Volkswagen’s best-selling crossover, the T-Roc, gets a small restyling, more accentuated inside than outside. And this new T-Roc was the subject of a short test drive that took us from the Volkswagen headquarters in Verona to the Euganean hills in the province of Padua.

As mentioned, the new T-Roc has been slightly revised in all its settings and engines. This is especially noticeable in the new LED headlights and taillights which are now blacked out as standard. And for those who want the top for this accessory, they can choose to order the LED Matrix IQ.LIGHT headlights as well as an illuminated strip in the grille. Also on the rear, if desired, it is possible to obtain newly designed rear light clusters that integrate dynamic direction indicators. For alloy wheels lovers, the choice is really wide, being able to opt for sizes between 17 and 19 inches. There is also room for the new R-Line which is the sportiest version and the convertible model for lovers of the “wind in your hair”.

While outside it might be difficult to notice the innovations introduced, the same cannot be said for the interiors. Volkswagen for the new T-Roc has chosen more precious and pleasant to the touch materials. A somewhat due choice, given that the major criticisms attached to the T-Roc at its launch concerned precisely the interior materials not at the level of a brand like Volkswagen.

All new inside

But the biggest renewal concerns the presence (as standard) of the Digital Cockpit. Behind the wheel you can therefore count on an 8-inch color TFT screen that provides essential driving information. News also for the infotainment part, which now includes the MIB3 system. This is based on a (very bright) 9.2-inch display and allows you to have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto even without a cable.

New T Roc test rive

Very useful is the air conditioning system that is activated and managed via touch by simply touching the well-inserted controls with respect to the driving position. Finally, even the steering wheel is all new with the buttons allowing you to manage the audio and communication functions. But also the management of driver assistance systems. These keys are arranged so that are easily accessiblethe. As a result, they minimize distraction while driving to activate or deactivate a function.

New Volkswagen T-Roc, the test drive

For our test drive we chose the version in the new T-Roc with 110 HP 1.0 TSI engine with 6-speed manual gearbox. This, in practice, is the entry version in the T-Roc world, which according to Volkswagen’s expectations should also be the best-selling.

A face on board we were able to appreciate everything new was added. Navigation was provided by Google Maps, therefore via the Android Auto system. Of course, having a new 9.2-inch display made traveling very easy. The indications were precise and, above all, clearly visible even from the driving position. We traveled a mix of roads that put the T-Roc to the test in the most varied situations. In the (not very congested) traffic of Verona, the car proved highly maneuverable. Also thanks to the excellent gearbox that allows you to engage the appropriate gear in a flash.

nuova t roc test drive

To help, there are well-sized rear-view mirrors that allow you to keep everything happening around the car under control. Without forgetting the various ADAS that warn of approaching cars. On the highway we were able to appreciate the 110 hp which allow fast overtaking and sudden acceleration when needed. On the mountain roads, between bends and curves, the T-Roc, or rather its engine, showed no signs of weakness. And indeed, despite the air conditioning onevery take, after a sharp bend, was perfect.

If you really want to find a fault, the suspensions they are perhaps a little too rigid. If this is good between bumps and holes that are the norm in big cities, they make you lose a bit of liveliness when you tackle roads that are a little more “fun”.

Ultimately the new T-Roc improves, but does not lose that feeling that has pleasantly struck the 110 thousand Italian motorists who have chosen it since its debut.

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