New Tiger models with the agreement between DR and Dongfeng

An English brand that was much loved at the time and which is greatly missed is about to return to the international car market. Thanks to an agreement between DR and Dongfeng, new Tiger models are on the way

It's been too long since we've seen fashion models around the streets of our cities Tiger. But now it seems that the English brand is about to return. This return would depend precisely on a close agreement signed by the collaboration of two large car manufacturers, namely the DR Automobiles Group and a very important Chinese company, namely Dongfeng. These two companies have signed an agreement which provides for the return of the great English name Tiger with gods new models which we should see very soon in the next few years and they are really numerous.

New Tiger models with the agreement between DR and DongfengNew Tiger models with the agreement between DR and Dongfeng

Three new Tiger models arriving

To be precise, the new Tiger models that we should see born from the partnership of these two companies are well Three. The way in which they will be distributed throughout Europe will be practically the same with which Dongfeng has released new car models around the world with previously signed partnerships. Dongfeng is in fact one of the three largest Chinese automotive companies. The company is based in Wuhan, in the province of Hubei and in addition to classic cars it also produces car components. In this way the Italians can work closely with the Chinese. These new models that will arise from this collaboration will arrive in Italy in second half of 2024. We will see an SUV 4.5 meters long, with a 177 HP turbo petrol engine and it will cost 27.900 euro. They will also produce a Termohybrid petrol/LPG version and a 5.2 meter long multispace.

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