Nuovi aggiornamenti disponibili su Crossfire: Legion thumbnail

New updates available in Crossfire: Legion

New updates available on Crossfire: Legion thumbnail

Crossfire: Legionthe fast-paced action-packed real-time strategy game currently available in Early Accessannounces the arrival of new ones updates. Let’s find out all the available news together.

New updates available in Crossfire: Legion

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Below is the list of updates available on Crossfire: Legion.

Its presence has led players to question the gameplay that could be affected by the microtransactions in the future and on pay-to-win in general. The developers realized that the way it was presented was quite confusing so they decided to delete both the shop that the drive release system with the next update. In particular:

  • All current and future units will always be immediately available to all players;
  • No need to unlock items that affect gameplay, May;
  • Operations to be removed as a result of the above, replaced later by a new progression system;
  • DLC still to be planned for the future.

Campaign Act II

The battle rages with the next 4 missions of the immersive campaign focused on the characters, with new settings and new rhythms of the story. Continue to immerse yourself in the vast world and tradition of the Crossfire universe.

  • New game mode “Battlelines”:

Battlelines offers matches 1v1, 2v2 e 3v3 focus on composition of the army rather than micromanagement of units. It is a macro game mode focused on how the players place their units in formation within the designated area and watch them generate waves that will autonomously make their way to the other team’s headquarters.

  • New “Badlands” payload map:

In Badlandsplayers fight for secure every payload between the dense foliage and the difficult terrain of the jungle. Here they will have to make the most of the numerous streets to organize ambushes and targeted attacks.

Finally, other important updates based on player requests include “Hotkey Mapping”, “Game Economy Adjustments” and much more. For further information you can consult the official title page.

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