New watch faces will also arrive with Apple Watch Series 7

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L’Apple Watch Series 7 is in the pipeline together with the next iPhones: there are really a few days left until official debut. For the occasion Mark Gurman Bloomberg shared more details on what should we expect from the supposedly bigger screens coming to the next Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 7 will have a bigger screen and new watch faces will arrive

Gurman previously reported that the next watch, which he believes will be called the Apple Watch Series 7, will be available with 41 mm and 45 mm screens. In his new article he reiterated the dimensions and added that the larger model’s screen will measure 1.9 inches diagonally, compared to 1.78 inches on the previous model. Will offer about the 16% more pixels with a resolution of 396 x 484, compared to 368 x 448. Both Series 7 watches will also have thinner edges around their screens, Gurman says.

Apple would also be working on new watchfaces. The first quadrant, called Modular Max, it will apparently show the time, a small complication, and then have larger complications that “extend the length of the screen stacked one at the bottom,” says Gurman. Another, with an internal name Atlas and World Timer, “Allows a user to see all 24 time zones at the same time”. One, called Continuum, “Will change according to the flow of time and the current time”.

Apple is also working on new watchfaces for its Apple Watches made in collaboration with Hermes and Nike. Some of these could come with Series 7, according to Gurman.

Gurman reiterated that Series 7 will have a faster processor and a new case with flatter edges. However, the previously reported production issues could mean that the Series 7 is late or in short supply when it becomes available. Apple plans to announce the new watches “this month”says Gurman. The timeline would align with previous years.

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