Nacon MG-X: the Xbox controller for mobile gaming

The new Nacon MG-X controller has been made official and will be available on September 20th. Let’s find out its characteristics together

NACON, one of the main player in design e distribution from video games e game accessories is pleased to announce that l’MG-X, the controller Xbox official specially designed for the mobile game its Android, will be available from September 20 in Europe at the recommended price of 99,99€.

Nacon MG-X: the accessory for mobile gaming

The MG-X will be the first accessory of the newest series MG-X, designed to offer aoptimized gaming experience for all owners of the Game Pass Ultimate.

Showing off the same functionality of the controller from official game, the MG-X allows Xbox fans to enjoy a higher level of comfort with every Android smartphone who has one screen as far as 6.7 in. With just a few taps, your phone will integra Well yes connects in mode wireless (Bluetooth 4.2) to the controller. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, the MG-X insures up to 20 hours of autonomy. His compact size makes it easily transportable, while therear handle textured offers a great ergonomics for all types of players.

Nacon MG-X: the Xbox controller for mobile gaming


  • The Xbox experience wherever you are: Designed for Xbox mobile support, ideal for enjoying the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer or playing any other compatible mobile game.
  • Pocket controller: Compact and rugged, the MG-X is the perfect companion for all mobile gamers. Its textured grip ensures optimal comfort.
  • Completely safe: Adjustable opening holds your smartphone securely for maximum stability.
  • Wireless connection: Easy connection of the smartphone to the MG-X with Bluetooth 4.2.
  • 20 hours of use: Built-in rechargeable battery with USB-C input, (charging cable included), providing you with long hours of gaming on the go. Battery status LED indicator.
  • Universal compatibility: Works with all Android smartphones running Android 6 and above, with screens up to 6.7 inches (152.4mm).

Battery life may vary between games. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate not included

Nacon MG-X: the Xbox controller for mobile gaming Nacon MG-X: the Xbox controller for mobile gaming

For an experience nearest to the traditional controllers, players will be able to choose l’MG-X Pro. With his two handles and the shape traditional of controller, offer comfort e robustness to fully enjoy the greatest games on smartphones. L’MG-X Pro will be available before the end of the year at the recommended price of 99,99€.

L’MG-X will come out on September 20 at the recommended price of 99,99€ while theMG-X PRO will be available before the end of the year at a recommended price of 99,99€.

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