New YouTube fine in Russia (but no ban)

Nuova interfaccia per YouTube su Android e iOS thumbnail

YouTube receives another fine from Russiacommissioned by Roskomnadzor, which also refuses to commission a ban from the streaming giant. The hugely popular app in Russia (as in the world) continues to reject the restrictions requested by the Kremlin. That unlike Twitter and Facebook, keep holding on online.

New fine but no ban for YouTube in Russia

The Russian communications authority Roskomnadzor, which in this last month full of conflict more than ever acts as a censorship body, has ordered another fine from YouTube. Which he considers “one of the key platforms that participate in the guerra of information against Russia“.

The accusation goes into detail, talking about how it hosted videos of the Ukrainian army and militiamen on its servers. And in general to report information that Moscow considers fake news on the conflict.

the same accusations brought forward on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Which are why they have been declared companies that support terrorism and anti-Russian hatred on the part of Moscow. And therefore banned, preventing users from accessing the services.

YouTube, along with the WhatsApp messaging app, however, remain online despite penalties and warnings. Both due to the great popularity of what are the two most downloaded apps in Russia, and due to the fact that the alternatives are not as widespread. Shutting down YouTube could be seen as the ultimate detachment from the West which Moscow fears may become too much for the population.

If the closure of institutions such as Mc Donald’s (among the very first companies in the USSR after the fall of the Berlin Wall) has already aroused controversy and protests, that of YouTube could become the straw. overflow the camel’s back. So for the moment, Russia is fine and threatening, but does not close.