ROCCAT: here is the brand new gaming mouse

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ROCCAT Kone XP offers gamers a highly customizable PC gaming mouse with incredible 3D RGB lighting and superior ergonomics

ROCCATPC peripheral brand of Turtle Beach Corporationtoday announces the availability of the new mouse from gaming PC ergonomic Kone XP. Already highly regarded for the Kone’s perfected ergonomics. The new Kone XP mouse combines the iconic a shape 15 keys e 29 functions assignable, making it one of the most PC gaming mice customizable on the market. Hardcore PC gamers will appreciate the superior performance of the Kone XP as the sensor Owl-Eye 19K DPI, and the incredibly fast Titan Optical SwitchI pattini in PFTE heat treated and the cable PhantomFlex, guarantee wireless sensations thanks to the incredible fluidity of movement. For PC gamers who love lighting RGBKone XP is the ideal solution thanks to over 20 LED and to the new one 4D Krystal Wheel.

ROCCAT: here is the brand new gaming mouse

Kone XP: the words of René Korte

René Kortefounder of ROCCAT and General Manager for Turtle Beach PC Products said

The Kone XP immediately received very positive feedback from our community just after the reveal, it is the perfect example of ROCCAT’s devotion to pushing the boundaries of comfort and personalization. Its blend of refined ergonomics, innovative aesthetics and our latest technologies make Kone XP the perfect choice for any PC gamer, creator or hardcore gamer.

The Kone XP has more buttons than any other mouse in this price range. It has 15 buttonsand thanks to technology Easy-Shiftthere are 29 possible assignable functions. Ideal for games of strategy e MMO come Lost Ark O Elden Ring. The left and right buttons activate the Optical Switches Titan, providing a responsive click, with blazingly fast actuation speed, for unprecedented speed and accuracy. Titan Optical Switches are faster than any mechanical switch, and have twice the lifespan of up to 70 million of clicks. With the Kone XP, PC gamers can only expect crisp, responsive execution with pinpoint accuracy.

ROCCAT: here is the brand new gaming mouse

Kone XP: The incredibly fast Titan Optical Switch

Arranged under the left and right buttons, they guarantee the best in speed and accuracy. The Titan Optical Switches are the double faster than a mechanical switch and ensure over double the duration, with an actuation speed of only 0.2ms for over 70 million clicks. The Kone XP also allows you to customize the bounce time, which is essential for the drag-clickmaking it a great companion for Minecraft.

And they do Kone AIMO Remastered, along with PC gamers who play a variety of games across different genres, will love the Kone XP’s multi-button design combined with the refined ergonomics, low weight, and overall comfort of the classic Kone’s iconic shape. ROCCAT is also redefining lighting once again RGB with the 22 impressive lights LED and the transparent shell of the Kone XP, and through the revolutionary 4D Krystal Wheel which diffuses RGB lighting through its opaque transparent design to create a 3D lighting effect.

ROCCAT: here is the brand new gaming mouse

Kone XP: 4D Krystal Wheel

It also adds left and right side inputs to vertical click and standard scrolling capabilities, all marked by ROCCAT’s unmistakable tactile feel. The shell translucent Kone XP is ideal for showcasing ROCCAT’s AIMO lighting, perfect for synchronizing better with other devices equipped with GOOD such as the Magma membrane keyboard or the award-winning keyboard series Vulcan. AIMO is able to guarantee vibrant lighting in 16,8 millions of colors, without the need for complicated configurations.

In heart of the Kone XP PC gamers will find the optical sensor Owl-Eye 19K DPI (based on PixArt’s PAW3370). The Owl-Eye sensor tracks any mouse movement with high precision for extreme accuracy and is customizable through the suite Swarm. The Kone XP also has the cable PhantomFlex and skates PTFE heat treated for unrivaled freedom. Flexible, malleable e lightthe cable does not tangle and allows the mouse to slip softly on the desk.

ROCCAT: here is the brand new gaming mouse

Kone XP: NVIDIA Reflex support, availability and price

The Kone XP is also included in the list of products that support theNVIDIA Reflex Analyzer. The revolutionary system latency measurement tool built into the new displays that detects clicks from the mouse and measures the time it takes for the resulting pixels (e.g., gun muzzle flash) to change on the screen.

The new one ROCCAT’s Kone XP is available from today at i authorized dealers at a recommended price of 89,99€. What do you think of this brand new PC gaming mouse from ROCCAT? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on our YouTube channel and stay connected on

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