Newell: here are some products designed for Christmas

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Waiting for Christmas, here are some proposals from Newell, Crockpot Turbo Express Multicooker, FoodsaverVS0100X, Oster Classic, let’s find out together in this article

Newell, offers us some accessories for the kitchen, useful to help us with the housework or as a Christmas gift for us or for our loved ones. From the pressure cooker, the vacuum machine, the sealer or the blender. Let’s find out in detail in this article.

Newell: here are some products designed for Christmas

Crockpot Turbo Express Multicooker

The Multicooker Turbo Express pressure is equipped with 14 options preset including Turbo, sous vide, slow cooking and boiling. By pressing a simple button you can cook meats, soups, stews, rice and cereals, fish, vegetables, desserts. The dedicated functions allow you to sterilize baby bottles, jars of preserves, quickly boil the contents, vacuum cook and slow cookers. The Turbo function allows you to speed up the cooking of food, saving up to 40% weather.

Newell: here are some products designed for Christmas

Crockpot Time Select 5.6 l

Crockpot’s 5.6L Slow Cooker with Time Select technology offers two cooking modes:

  • The function Schedule Meal allows you to set the time you want to eat, the type of food and the quantity.
  • Slow Cooker will think about cooking mode more.
  • Manual functionequipped with a programmable timer with countdown and two cooking settings High or Low.

Newell: here are some products designed for Christmas


The vacuum packing machine FoodSaver VS0100X, store food up to 5 times longer compared to other traditional methods and has a modern and elegant design that makes it easy to store. It is perfect for storing all types of food and preserving its nutritional properties, thus avoiding food waste, and it is very simple and quick to use, because it is sufficient to place the bag, press the lid and press a button.

The mode wet / dry it is equipped with automatically guarantees the vacuum of any type of food, even those that contain more liquids, while the sealing only function allows you to create customized sized bags and minimize waste.

Newell: here are some products designed for Christmas

Foodsaver VS3190X

The VS3190X is the Foodsaver sealing machine with a modern design which, thanks to the 2 in 1 system, allows short or long term storage. Simple to use, with the push of a single button it does everything automatically.

  • Function wet / dry allows you to adjust the sealing based on the humidity of the food.
  • Marinade allows you to marinate foods with excellent results in just 10 minutes instead of many hours.
  • Function “sealing only”Allows you to also use rolls from which to obtain bags of the desired size.

Newell: here are some products designed for Christmas

Oster Classic

It was the 1946 When John Oster he invented Osterizer, the first blender suitable for daily use for preparing meals. Over the years, models, technologies and design have evolved and for American families, and beyond. Oster is now synonymous with exceptional performance, reliability and ease of use. Today the blender Oster Classic it is a true icon because it has the same design as that of 1946, but offers improved performance and perfect results.

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