NFT EUROPE (Who Knocks) e Purple Fly: prima pool NFT al mondo dedicata alla moda

NFT EUROPE (Who Knocks) and Purple Fly announce the world’s first NFT pool made up of designers from the fashion industry

NFT Europe, part of the very Italian communications company Who Knocks which also operates in the world of NFT, has joined forces with Purple Fly, the first record label in the world to make gods non-fungible token the real backbone of its mission.

They are the two companies to have conceived and implemented the first NFT Pool in the world made up of internationally renowned fashion designers in which high-sounding names such as Johanna Armstrong (Senior Graphic Designer at Burberry), Damiano Clemente (Senior Graphic Designer at Dsquared²), Stefano Lo Muzio (Couture Fashion Designer at Moschino), Claudio Francesco Maria Simonetti (Senior Footwear Designer at Etro) e Alessandro De Vita (Visual Designer at Prada).

In a rapidly evolving market such as that of non-fungible tokens, it is already essential to innovate to stand out and give life to projects of value. The two companies are not the latest arrivals in the field and, through studies and analyzes produced by their expert components, they have succeeded in engaging themselves, putting into practice, taking risks and succeeding. Thus was born the first NFT pool in the world made up of designers from the world of fashion.

Jonny Chiappetta, CEO of Purple Fly, said:

The world of digital art is opening its doors to that of the blockchain, acting as a guarantor of its own value. We are proud to be among the first to explore this new market and we thank all those who have decided to support our project.

NFT EUROPE (Who Knocks) e Purple Fly: prima pool NFT al mondo dedicata alla moda

An evolution in the NFT market, the conception of pools

The concept of pools represents an innovation in the non-fungible token market, an innovative idea that has stirred the interest of numerous investors.

The idea behind the project is not in fact to create and sell single NFTs, but rather create real “NFT containers” to which to associate third party tokens that will be sold separately. This allows buyers to own tokens created not only by an artist, rather than by a well-known person, but by a set of the latter and a set of NFTs. And here is the uniqueness of the collectible increases its value!

NFT Europe (Who Knocks) e Purple Fly: da dove nasce quest’idea?

The first challenge was to conceive and implement something not yet seen in this sector. Creating further interest around a market increasingly at the center of media attention and beyond.

Francesco Monteleone, Co-founder of Who Knocks, spoke about the first steps taken by the two companies in this innovative world, stating:

We started this journey knowing that we were taking our first steps in a new and still unexplored market. A market that has all the potential to become a point of reference in the world of art and above all of marketing in the coming years. NFTs represent the tool to fully exploit the potential of the blockchain, in a short time we will see a radical change in the perception of digital assets. We are ready to take up this challenge together with our partners, we are ready to innovate by creating something new and unique.

NFT EUROPE (Who Knocks) e Purple Fly: prima pool NFT al mondo dedicata alla moda

Da sinistra: Alessandro Cariati – Co-founder at NFT Europe (Who Knocks), Francesco Monteleone – Co-founder at NFT Europe (Who Knocks) e Giovanni Chiappetta – CEO at Purple Fly

Such a project could not be carried out except with great commitment and involving numerous human and non-human resources. Unity is strength: this is what we understand from the words of Giovanni Piccolo, another Co-founder of Who Knocks, who went on to say:

I have always believed in the group of people who make up this project. We worked hard day and night, not knowing how it could end. We had many difficulties and obstacles to overcome, but together we went forward and managed to lay the foundations for something important. I’ve always thought that you have to have faith in the future in some way “because the dots will eventually connect”, as Steve Jobs said.

Innovating yes, but without forgetting the starting point

In our work we are constantly evolving, in continuous study, dealing daily with increasingly demanding and specific market needs. In this context, we cannot ignore a reality like NFTs. Our mission is also to give art a new guise, an extra gear, to make it available to everyone, recalling a phrase of the great Pablo Picasso: “All children are born artists; the difficulty lies in the fact of remaining so when grown up “.

Alessandro Cariati, the third Co-founder of Who Knocks, intervened making us understand that behind the project there is a desire to revolutionize the world of art and beyond. Revolution which, however, is flanked by the prerogative of not forgetting one’s roots but, on the contrary, making them central to one’s success. Francesco Monteleone states on this:

In every journey we take, we like not to forget where we come from and where we started from. Our first project revolves around the world of fashion, not surprisingly with a large Made in Italy imprint. We want to export our identity beyond our ideas. It would be nice to be able to involve our country more directly in this innovation process.

“We also already have an idea on how to do it,” he continues Giovanni Piccolo “A provocative proposal. The sale of NFT representing homegrown artistic works from architectural ones to paintings, to raise capital to renovate them. We are here, ready to accept this challenge too. “

NFT EUROPE (Who Knocks) e Purple Fly: prima pool NFT al mondo dedicata alla moda

Giovanni Piccolo – Co-founder at NFT Europe (Who Knocks)

NFT Europe (Who Knocks) and Purple Fly: the first pool in November is just the beginning

“Our first pool will be launched in the first half of next November and will be the first of many, thanking our ProjectX partners for this exclusive collaboration”, concludes Alessandro Cariati.

This unique event will take place on Xillion, a platform that will be open to the public in the next few days, created by ProjectX, a well-known company that boasts decades of experience in the world of cryptocurrencies and partner of Who Knocks and Purple Fly.

As a starting point, Who Knocks and Purple Fly have therefore created the first NFT pool in the world composed of designers from the fashion world who, as already stated by them, is only the tip of a huge digitized iceberg in creation. The new initiatives will be announced soon, which will involve different sectors of the art world but not only.

What other innovative ideas will they have to move the NFT market? Well … we will find out only by living!