Niantic presenta Peridot, il pet simulator che sfrutta AR e AI thumbnail

Niantic presents Peridot, the pet simulator that uses AR and AI

Niantic launches Peridot today, a pet simulation game which takes place in the real world and uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence. From today you can download Peridot worldwide on the App Store and Google Play.

Niantic launches Peridot, the pet simulation game with AR and AI

I Peridoto Dotare virtual creatures with a Unique DNA and a great ability to interact with the surrounding environment. They awoke after a long sleep to a world much changed from the one they knew. So they need the players, called Keeperstake care of them.

You must therefore create a deep relationship with these digital creatures, as if they were real animals. Petting them, feeding them, throwing them the ball, teaching them tricks and exploring the world together. When the Dots then reach adulthood, the Keepers can work together to give birth to a new generation of Dot and diversify the species.

Peridot Exploration KV niantic min

Indeed, using the system of Perigenetics by Niantic, each Dot is created using ed algorithms has a 100% exclusive DNA. The number of variations is greater than the stars in the universe or the grains of sand on all the beaches in the world.

Ziah Fogel, production manager for Peridot, explains: “In such a chaotic world, these creatures bring a dose of joy, fantasy and comfort into our lives. It’s like having a real pet, but without the mess. Our goal was to create a game that’s comfortable to take on the go, that truly pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with our Augmented Reality platform, and that could inspire a new generation of Augmented Reality-based experiences on mobile and hardware of the future”.

Over time you will also discover different “Archetypes” of the Peridots, because they have rare characteristics, particular personalities. And you can use different looks. Archetypes are based on real or mythological beings, such as l‘Unicorn, Peacock, Cheetah, Ram and Yeti.

A social game

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Peridot wants to introduce the Keepers in real social situations, while dealing with new Dots. The Keepers will soon be able to use Campfire, the social app from Niantic. And invites you to explore the real world thanks to Niantic’s AR Lightship. The recognition is excellent: for example, each Dot will be able to recognize the position of your sofa and will relax for an evening nap. And they will recognize different environmental elements, interacting in different ways.

At the moment you can use it on mobile devices, but soon there will be the possibility to use, for example, AR glasses of different types. More information on the official website.

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