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TrueCaller and WhatsApp, together to block spam calls

WhatsApp would be working with TrueCaller in order to block the spam calls also on the messaging platform, which is increasingly used for voice calls as well. Even from those we don’t want to listen to.

WhatsApp and TrueCaller, together to block spam calls

XDA researchers have found that Meta would be working with Truecaller to stop spam calls on WhatsApp. One of the many innovations that the platform is allegedly developing, but perhaps one of the most appreciated by users – potentially a convenience for everyone.

If you don’t know it, Truecaller is a service known for its effective caller ID techniques and spam call blocking. He announced a few weeks ago that he has 350 million monthly active users, a very important goal. The latest collaboration with Meta will see the two companies join forces to delete spam calls on whatsapp.


It is not yet clear how this initiative will translate into a concrete benefit for users, in the sense that Truecaller has not explained how to integrate it into the platform. But given the work done with other service providers, it seems possible that report spam calls on WhatsApp every time one arrives. However, we don’t yet know if there will be a way to filter spam calls before they reach WhatsApp users.

The CEO of Truecaller Alan Mamedi he told Reuters that the feature is currently in beta testing and will be available globally by the end of the month. The introduction of this feature will probably be welcomed by WhatsApp users as spam calls are on the rise. And having an alert, on WhatsApp as on “classic” calls, is a welcome novelty.

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