Niantic saves Pokémon Go, but cancels some titles and fires employees

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The progressive seniority of Pokémon Go does not cancel its success and the title continues to maintain a certain popularity, however the company that created it, Niantiche wouldn’t be doing very well, which might justify his choice of give up some games in developmentas well as to “streamline” its staff.

Niantic cancels its games to favor others

“We recently decided to stop production on some projects and reduce our workforce by about eight percent to focus on our top priorities,” Niantic told us in a statement. “We are grateful for the contributions of those who have left Niantic and are supporting them in this difficult transition. This means we can focus on our priorities most important, including Pokémon GO and a select series of new experiences “.

Journalist Jason Schreier outlines a much more detailed drawing on Bloomberg and, citing internal company emails, talks about how the company’s CEO, John Hanke, specifically mentioned a “Period of economic turbulence” as a driving force behind the entrepreneurial choice. Niantic itself, on the other hand, can’t help but mention the “broad economic uncertainty that many companies are facing” as a justification at the heart of its future prospects.

According to documents collected by Schreier, among the canceled titles are Heavy Metal, a game of Transformers, Hamlet, Blue Sky and Snowball. Niantic has not confirmed the exact list of suppressed products to us. It therefore seems that the immediate future of the company is linked again to Pokémon Go, but also to NBA All-World, a free-to-play sports just announced and which will use augmented reality and geolocation in an attempt to attract both fanatics of the basketball than casual gamers.

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