SERIAL 1 Switch/MTN di Harley Davidson

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From the Milwakee headquarters comes a new electric bicycle from Harley Davidson. Last year the Serial 1 brand debuted slowly the range is expanding, the urban models now welcome the Switch / Mtn example.

The e-mtb is ready to challenge off-road vehicles and offer adventures, above all all the details are taken care of to perfection, as only Harley Davidson can do.

Aaron Frank, brand director of Serial 1, says: “The vast majority of our planet is unpaved. Forest roads, trails, singletrack, bike parks, mountains, woods and forests – there are so many fantastic destinations to explore on two wheels. Switch / Mtn, with its powerful motor, high capacity battery, fully adjustable front suspension and wide range 1 × 12 transmission, has everything you need to take you wherever you want to go ”. The frame of the Serial 1 Switch / Mtn is made of hydroformed aluminum on the scale weighs 24 kg.

The engine

The powertrain is central and it’s a Brose S Mag produces 90Nm of torque, enough power to allow you to tackle even the most challenging terrain, including steep turns and ramps, rocky sections, steps and rooted passages. The central position near the crank arm lowers the center of gravity and centralizes mass to optimize vehicle handling, while an electronic torque sensor automatically registers the pressure exerted on the pedals, instantly providing proportionate electric assistance. No throttle or other action is required – just pedal and hit it off.

Harley Davidson SERIAL 1 Switch / MTN revolutionizes the off-road concept

Integrated battery

The 529Wh lithium-ion battery is compact and super durable, as it is built to automotive-grade specifications to ensure reliable operation in all conditions, including aggressive off-roading. In addition, it is integrated into the frame. This solution not only ensures an elegant design, but allows you to place the center of gravity much lower than other e-bikes.

Hydraulic disc brakes

The TRP Slate T4 hydraulic disc brakes are specifically designed for use in E-MTB, to offer the best braking performance even in the presence of dirt, sand or wet. Powerful four-piston calipers rest on oversized 203mm diameter and 2.3mm thick discs for flawless performance on even the longest and fastest descents.

Integrated lighting

SWITCH / MTN is one of the few bikes in its class to have fully integrated LED lighting, which increases its versatility and safety. Its BAF front light, custom designed for Serial 1, is mounted on the stem to thoroughly illuminate your path, even at high speeds. The rear and brake lights integrated into the dropouts of the frame are extremely bright, to avoid rear-end collisions or unexpected collisions. The distinctive LED front light illuminates whenever the e-bike is switched on, making you more visible, both day and night.

App Serial 1

Serial 1 partnered with Google Cloud to design a mobile application worthy of the name Serial 1. Thanks to app-controllable security features, authentic Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation, and real-time data collected directly from the e-bike, the Serial 1 app is the perfect travel assistant for your Serial 1 e-bike. Access to Google Cloud statistics and integration with Google Cloud AI features allow Serial 1 to continuously improve mobile app solutions to deliver the best possible e-bike experience and ensure the highest level of data security.


SWITCH / MTN incorporates a sophisticated Internet of Things (IoT) device that allows an extremely reliable connection not only through Bluetooth wireless technology, but also using cellular data and / or GPS, to guarantee you reliable access to your bicycle even when not. it is visible to you or anyone else.

Integrated USB-C device charger

SWITCH / MTN comes with an integrated USB-C charging cable, located on the stem of the handlebar. This USB-C cable is capable of charging devices with a maximum power of 10W (depending on the device) perfect for powering your smartphone while using the Serial 1 app.

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