Nicki Minaj, Pete Davidson and others in the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II trailer

Nicki Minaj, Pete Davidson e altri nel nuovo trailer di Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II thumbnail

In life of the exit of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II – scheduled for October 28, 2022 – a new live-action trailer arrives today. In the trailer we witness numerous guests such as Nicki Minaj, Pete Davidson, Kane Brown, Bukayo Saka, Lil Baby, Lando Norris. The video is in fact part of an advertising campaign that, in addition to the game, also launches the song specially composed for the videogame.

“The campaign captures the energy, the excitement and the sense of brotherhood that exists among friends all over the world when they play Call of Duty ”reads a press release of the game.

The new trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

The television campaign is called Squad Up and, in addition to the artists already mentioned, also sees the participation of the cornerback of the Los Angeles Rams Jalen Ramseyfrom David Long Jr. and the Nuke Squad of the Faze Clan, made up of FaZe Swagg, FaZe Santana, FaZe JSmooth and FaZe Booya.

In the trailerthe stars perform a military cadence – the traditional call-and-response work choir sung by the military as they run or march – through a series of team and individual sceneslinked together to form a single cadence epic.

From the narrative point of view, the new chapter of Call of Duty will resume from the events of 2019, with the newborn facing a serious global threat. Players will, through a campaign of missions that push the boundaries of the game, neutralize a dangerous terrorist conspiracy. We will then find some iconic characters, such as Captain Price, Ghost, Soap, Gaz and Laswell, to which new special forces will be added, such as Mexican colonel Alejandro Vargas.