Oppo Trade-In, the service that gives new life to smartphones has been expanded

Oppo annuncia Reno8 e Reno8 Pro thumbnail

Oppo announces the expansion of its own Trade-In service on the occasion of the launch of Reno8 Series, an initiative that is added to the sale of refurbished devices in the store. And that thinks about the environment, allowing to lower emissions.

Oppo expands the Trade-In service

Oppo continues to announce sustainable services: this solution in particular reduces the volume of electronic refusals, which is constantly increasing. And it also wants to reduce CO2 emissions. In fact, a new smartphone produced weighs on the environment 17.2 kilograms of CO2. But the value scende a 8,2 kg for a remanufactured device: giving new life to your devices makes the difference. Also because the 90% of the materials extracted and used for consumption and production are thrown away.

For this reason, the Trade-In service can make the difference, without making you give up the latest model and the best performing technologies. Depending on the model, Oppo gets to give you 750 euros for the Trade-In of smartphones that will then sell as regenerated on its store. Guaranteeing the same level of quality and durability but at advantageous prices: they will in fact be guaranteed for 12 months.

The trend to choose refurbished devices is growing, especially due to the importance given to sustainability. Indeed, the sustainable production process is important for purchasing millennial with the 12,2%the generation X with the 17,2% and also between boomerwhere the percentage rises to 20,6%.

This has led to refurbished smartphones in grow by 15%. Also thanks to initiatives such as the one that Oppo launches today, which wants to ensure a second life for its devices when you change them for the latest model.

You can find more information on Oppo’s Trade-In service at this address.