Nier Replicant: here is the complete trophy list!

Waiting to be able to read our review, we thought we would see together with you trophy collectors the complete list of objectives to be achieved to 100% complete Nier Replicant

Nier Replicant, a reissue of the original 2012 prequel by Nier Automata, has been on the market for a few days and is already making a lot of talk. Let’s admit that it is strange to remember how much the title was niche, at the time of the first release, and how much Automata has been able to breach the hearts (and wallets) of gamers a few years ago. A success that apparently is not doubling, according to the early days of sales, but it’s undeniable that Replicant is pretty much on everyone’s lips these days. And that it has returned, with full rights, among the most anticipated titles of this first videogame semester together with Returnal and Resident Evil Village. Waiting to be able to read our detailed review, however, we decided to go and with you the complete list of trophies of the new video game from Toylogic and Square Enix.

Before starting

Nier Replicant’s trophy list it consists of 47 total trophies, of which 30 bronze, 14 silver, 2 gold and the coveted and iconic platinum trophy. A rather substantial list, in short, and as we will see, several trophies are linked to the completion of bosses in a precise minute. We remind you that anyone who does not want any kind of spoilers regarding Nier Replicant should avoid continuing reading. That said, let’s start with the lowest rarity trophies: the bronze ones!

Nier Replicant: here is the complete trophy list!

The first part of the bronze trophies – Nier Replicant Trophy List

Below you will find the first part of the bronze trophies:

  • The Book of Legends: Grimore Weiss joined the team;
  • The surly companion: Kainè joined the team;
  • The quiet companion: Emil joined the team;
  • Liberation: You have freed Kainè from petrification;
  • Gratitude: You delivered Louise’s letter to the postman;
  • Key collector: Obtained the key to the Shadow Lord’s Castle;
  • A world in constant change: You have defeated the Lord of Shadows;
  • Combo fanatic: You made a 50 hit combo;
  • The charmer: You have obtained all the spells;
  • Master lyricist: You got 50% of the words;
  • Village porter: You have completed 10 missions;
  • Factotum: You completed 20 missions;
  • Expensive daily: You have completed the mission “Recycled World”;
  • The man of a million resources: You have accumulated a million gold pieces;
  • Erudite warrior: You have read all parts of the story about your friends’ past.

Nier Replicant: here is the complete trophy list!

The second part of the bronze trophies – Nier Replicant Trophy List

Let’s continue with the second part of Nier Replicant’s bronze trophies:

  • Legendary gardener: You have grown the legendary flower;
  • Fish of legends: You caught a rhizodon;
  • Seeker of materials: Collected 50 types of raw material;
  • Upgrade Apprentice: You have upgraded 5 weapons to the maximum level;
  • Forge specialist: You have upgraded 15 weapons to maximum level;
  • Boar the boar!: You rode a boar for five minutes;
  • The sheep whisperer: You have killed 100 sheep;
  • King of the lost sanctuary: You defeated Gretel in less than three minutes and twenty seconds;
  • A true friendship: You stopped Kainè’s fury in less than a minute;
  • The Chief of the Junk Heap: You defeated P-33 in under four and a half minutes;
  • The scourge of the nest: You defeated Wendy in under eight and a half minutes;
  • Facade Protector: You defeated Roc in under three and a half minutes;
  • The little Mermaid: You defeated Louise in less than five minutes;
  • Permit granted: You rejected Devola and Popola in less than three minutes;
  • Reckless: You risked your life at least 10 times to find out someone’s secret.

Nier Replicant: here is the complete trophy list!

The silver trophies – Nier Replicant Trophy List

We proceed shipped with the silver trophies:

  • Combo Master: You made a 100 hit combo;
  • Weapon collector: Obtained all weapons;
  • The right man for every occasion: You completed 30 missions;
  • Come back to us: You attended the first finale (final A);
  • Persistent memories: You attended the second final (final B);
  • Thank you: You attended the third final (final C);
  • Tour to pond: You caught all kinds of fish;
  • Master of the forge: Upgraded 33 weapons to maximum level;
  • Photon warrior: You completed the game in less than 15 hours;
  • Lament for the hero: You defeated Goose in under two minutes;
  • Crusher of souls: You defeated Devola and Popola in less than three and a half minutes;
  • Book incinerator: You defeated Grimoire Noir in under a minute and a half;
  • The king of Kings: You defeated the Shadow Lord in under four minutes and twenty seconds;
  • Unbreakable bond: You defeated Enraged Kain in under three and a half minutes.

Nier Replicant: here is the complete trophy list!

The gold trophies and the platinum trophy – Nier Replicant Trophy List

Let’s see together the two gold trophies of Nier Replicant:

  • Something very special: You attended the final quarter (final D);
  • e8a898e686b6e382b5e …: You witnessed the final quantum (final E).

Nier Replicant: here is the complete trophy list!

And finally, let’s find out the title of the platinum trophy:

  • The last verse: Congratulations! Thank you for playing!

Nier Replicant: here is the complete trophy list!

Good fun!

Finish the Nier Replicant trophy list here. What do you think of Yoko Taro’s new Square Enix title? Are you playing it right now? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in buying Nier Replicant at a really advantageous price, we suggest you take a look at the dedicated InstantGaming page that you can reach by clicking here!