Resident Evil Village preview: our first impressions of the Castle demo

Capcom has released the second Resident Evil Village demo dedicated to the castle and in this preview we will share our impressions with you

Capcom has finally released the second demo of Resident Evil Village preview for PS4 and PS5 owners. In this new test we will always play the role of Ethan, but this time we will find ourselves wandering through the elegant halls of the Dimitrescu Castle. A week ago we released a preview that analyzed the first Resident Evil Village demo and now, given the release of the second, we have decided to share our impressions with you once again.

The castle

Let’s start our preview immediately by talking about what most distinguishes this Resident Evil Village demo compared to the previous one: the castle. The village we visited last week featured poverty and desolation, while Dimitrescu Castle boasts sumptuous and richly decorated interiors. A setting of this type immediately brings to mind some of the most iconic locations in the series, such as the villa of RE1 or the fortress of RE4. The castle also shares with these places the presence of a large number of secrets and puzzles very different from each other which, however, during this demo it was not possible to solve.

Although most of the castle is characterized by a very sumptuous decor this it does not mean that you will find yourself in a monotonous setting. This ancient structure in fact presents a large number of secret passages and secondary areas which differ greatly from the opulent main halls. Also in the demo you can also visit the dungeons, which compared to the rest of the castle will be extremely more dark and inhospitable.

Resident Evil Village preview: our first impressions of the Castle demo

Over here, stranger – Anteprima Resident Evil Village

Another great peculiarity of this preview demo is the presence of the Duca, the fat merchant who will do business with Ethan throughout Resident Evil Village. This mysterious individual will be waiting for us in an isolated room of the Castle and will be ready at any moment to do business with us.

If you have played a Resident Evil 4 for sure, the merchant screen will be very familiar to you. From this character you can sell treasures in exchange for money, boost the stats of your weapons and obviously buy items. Among the many items on sale there are obviously consumables like cures and ammunition, but not only. In fact, the Duke will also be able to supply you new weapons, improvements to increase inventory size, e crafting projects. Apparently it seems that in Village you will not be able to create objects blindly simply by combining the materials in your inventory, but you will first need to find projects that explain how to do it.

Resident Evil Village preview: our first impressions of the Castle demo

Relentless Enemies – Resident Evil Village Preview

The castle is obviously the kingdom of Alcina Dimitrescu, the imposing vampire now an icon of Village, but unfortunately we didn’t have the opportunity to meet her directly during the demo. Fortunately, however, we had the opportunity to know one of his daughters who, taking the place of the landlady, decided to hunt down poor Ethan.

This young vampire will play the role of classic Mr. X’s relentless enemy and in the demo you will have no way to defeat it. However, if you manage to inflict enough damage on it, you can make it temporarily transform into one cloud of mosquitoes, thus obtaining a few seconds of respite. Compared to other iconic immortal enemies in the series, this woman appears to be weaker and less resistant, but she makes up for it by not being able to be knocked out for a long time. We also already know that in the full game Lady Dimitrescu will also be wandering around the castle looking for Ethan, so the daughters are likely to represent only a secondary threat linked to some specific sections.

In addition to the vampire, in the demo we also had the opportunity to tackle another type of standard enemies. These withered creatures lurk in the dungeons of the castle and appear to be some sort of ghoul, lifeless beings subjected to vampires. Compared to the lycans of the first demo these undead are a lot weaker and slower, and are almost reminiscent of the classic zombies typical of the series. Despite this, they should never be underestimated, as they own one fairly high resistance and they seem to move in very large groups.

Resident Evil Village preview: our first impressions of the Castle demo

Immersed in horror – Resident Evil Village preview

Of technical sector we have already talked about the Resident Evil Village demo in our previous preview so, if you want to know more, we advise you to go and read it by clicking who. However, even if we have already carefully treated this side of the game, thanks to a second test we were able to deepen two very important aspects: lighting and sound.

The castle, with its polished interiors and opulent decorations, allowed us to fully appreciate the quality of the Village lighting. Thanks to Ray Tracing, the numerous glossy surfaces present in the rooms manage to reflect the light in an enchanting way, making us immediately immerse ourselves fully in the setting. In addition, the title also manages to stand out in the very dark areas which feature very few sources of illumination, creating a large number of suggestive shadows able to make the skin crawl.

Regarding audio instead, the moment we fully perceived the quality of the game’s sound design was when we entered the dungeons. In this dark area it is possible to perceive a large number of disturbing sounds which have contributed greatly to building the atmosphere of the area. In the area they echoed constantly the moans of monsters and, thanks toaudio 3D, every slightest creak made us turn in the direction of the sound in search of a potential threat. This great care for the audio sector left us very satisfied and, given the level reached, in the full game we hope to find many more areas that can scare us only with the use of sounds.

Resident Evil Village preview: our first impressions of the Castle demo


As we already stated in the previous Resident Evil Village preview, this test also left us more than satisfied. The points in favor of the first demo are also present in the second and we also got to better observe other aspects of the game. We finally collided with some new types of enemies and we had the opportunity to better understand how the merchant. In short, at this point we have seen enough of Resident Evil Village to be able to say that the title looks very promising indeed. Now you just have to wait about ten days to finally get your hands on the full game.

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