Nier Replicant: how to unlock all endings

The long-awaited remake of Yoko Taro’s action rpg is finally out. Let’s see in this guide how to unlock all the endings in Nier Replicant

The title called Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139… is the remastered (but also a bit remake) of the title released in 2010 for PS3 and Xbox 360. The differences with the original title are in the renewed graphics sector, a revised game structure and the ‘addition of a new character. The game is the prequel to the recent Nier Automata. The gameplay of Replicant however remains faithful to the original game and in general the style stands out for its atmosphere post apocalyptic mixed with Japanese fantasy imagery. As well as the other titles in the series, this chapter also features multiple endings. So let’s find out how to unlock all the endings in Nier Replicant.

Let’s proceed in order

As mentioned, like other titles in the saga of Deny e DrakengardAlso this version of Replicant has more than one ending. These are important because sometimes you won’t understand the “why” behind the protagonists’ behaviors, if not after your first run. Also, let’s assume that you won’t need to replay to see all the endings in full the game, but only some of its parts, albeit long. So don’t be afraid. Despite this, there are still some prerequisites that you will need to know in order to find out how to unlock all the Nier Replicant endings. If you are still playing it and are not particularly a fan of spoiler, don’t worry, we will try to avoid them as much as possible. In fact, we will not make particular references to history, if not the necessary ones.

Nier Replicant: how to unlock all endings

Final A – Nier Replicant: how to unlock all endings

To get the first ending (which we call final A), it will be enough for you complete the game for the first time. Nothing simpler. In your run, moreover, you will be able to take some possibilities to make it easy to obtain the other endings. Some actions you can take for facilitarvi, are for example buy as many weapons as possible and complete missions that will reward you with weapons that will be required.

Nier Replicant: how to unlock all endings

Final B – Nier Replicant: how to unlock all endings

For the ending B instead, you will have to go back and replay all starting shortly before the start of the second act, which corresponds approximately to halfway through the game. At this point, play normally but pay attention to nuove cutscenes and above all the subtitles of the dialogues seen this time from a certain perspective. Once you get to the end, defeat the last boss again and you have the new ending. Now you finally have access to the 15 Nightmares in Route B (which were available as DLC in the original game).

You can access it by checking it shelf further left on the first floor of the protagonist’s house. In short they consist in the completely of three sets consisting of five arena fights. At the end you will get three new weapons, one for each set. The latter are necessary in view of the subsequent finals. You don’t necessarily have to to end the last fight, as you will be rewarded with the third weapon before facing it.

Nier Replicant: how to unlock all endings

Endings C and D – Nier Replicant: how to unlock all endings

To see the endings C and D you will necessarily have to obtain all weapons of the game, in total they are 33. Get them all in your second run. You don’t have to worry about the space in your inventory, as after the first run you will have it automatically more space. Once all the weapons are told, beat the game and face the last boss again. Here remember to to save just before entering the dungeon, and not overwrite the save as you will need it for Reload the match for the other endings. Defeated the boss you will have a further outcome represented by one multiple choice within a dialogue (here we must necessarily do some slight spoilers).

You will have to choose between two options dialogue, save or kill the boss. Killing him you will get the C ending (we advise you to see this ending first). Once this is done, reload the save you made before entering the dungeon and fight again against the various enemies and the final boss. This time instead of killing him, save it. At this point, after several dialogues, the game will ask you to to delete all your saves. Don’t be scared and carry on. In fact, after having deleted them, you have finally earned the final D.

Nier Replicant: how to unlock all endings

Ending E – Nier Replicant: how to unlock all endings

With all your saves erased, all you have to do is to see the final ending start over a new game starting from menu main. From here you have to replay a short one section of the first act (you will notice some oddities in your new path) before arriving at the new content. the new part comes immediately after defeating the giant Shade and having talked to Kaine in the Aerie during your second encounter in this place in the main quest. It should be about two to three hours after starting. This new play area lasts about an hour and a half or two hours and that’s a lot compelling. Certainly worth getting there because the battles that follow offer a nice challenge. This epilogue is great; not only will you be rewarded with the latest final E, but you will also receive a welcome bonus at the end.

Nier Replicant: how to unlock all endings

In conclusion

We have seen in this article how to get to unlock all the endings by replaying Nier Replicant. The game offers as mentioned, a great one replayability, which is not common in titles of this kind. In addition to being present also a new game plus, the numerous endings offer a fresh perspective on events. We remember that Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139… is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. If you are in trouble with the title, take a look at our guides.

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