The War Rooms: Jenna Coleman sarà Joan Bright

Jenna Coleman will play Joan Bright in The War Rooms, a historical-drama series created by David Chidlow, David Parfitt and Jamie Carmichael

It is a golden age for Jenna Coleman. After gaining worldwide fame for the role of Clara Oswald in Doctor Who, the British actress became the face of Queen Victoria in the BBC period drama Victoria; participated in miniseries such as The Cry and recently played Marie-Andree Leclerc in The Serpent; the true crime drama available on Netflix and dedicated to the serial killer Charles Sobhraj, known as the Serpent.

This time Jenna Coleman will be Joan Bright, the woman who ran Whitehall, Winston Churchill’s secret bunker, in The War Rooms, creie series by David Chidlow, David Parfitt and Jamie Carmichael.

The War Rooms will explore his personal history for the first time and will focus primarily on emotions and the sensations Bright and her colleagues felt in those cathartic moments: from the shock of the outbreak of war, through support for the struggle and the final push towards victory, to the battle to shape modern Britain as we know it today.

The War Rooms: the word to Jenna Coleman and the creators

Speaking of the role she will play, Jenna Coleman said:

Joan Bright has never lived a conventional life: a young woman who spent her war days in secret, undercover and underground in the war chambers. This story is so compelling not only for its unique and liberal mind, for the cunning and curiosity that animated it, but also for the opportunity to examine this infinitely fascinating period of time through an intimate and human lens. The closeness and closeness of the days and nights lived in this small space, bearers of the truth in the midst of the oblivion of the propaganda above. The beauty and fragility of the human experience when living in a time when no one knows what the future will bring. I am very excited to unearth these hidden lives in a relevant way.

David Parfitt and Jamie Carmichael expressed their enthusiasm for Jenna Coleman’s casting. Here are their words:

Jenna is one of the UK’s most loved and highly regarded actresses, always ready to redefine her career. As lead actress and executive producer, she was instrumental in bringing The War Rooms to life. Our intention is to build a series that offers a truly new vision of a significant part of our collective history. A series that is not necessarily polite or reverential, but crude and capable of offering a completely new vision and perspective, which also manages to speak of today’s turbulent society in a critical way to an audience thirsty for knowledge and hope, and which help to frame and make sense of today and tomorrow.

David Chidlow finally added that he has always been fascinated by the figures that gravitate around great leaders, to find them intriguing and heroic.

A series that promises to be really interesting and innovative. How many can’t wait to see it?

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