PS5: A new firmware update has been released

As you’d expect for new consoles, PS5 has once again gotten a firmware update – let’s see together what it’s all about

Sony continues to release updates for its flagship console: considering that the console has recently been launched, it is completely normal for a higher number of updates to come out during this period. The last firmware system patch, in fact, dates back to less than two weeks ago. That said, let’s see what news this will bring firmware update of PS5.

PS5 Firmware Update Contents

The PS5 firmware update itself actually simply contains system performance improvements, as written on the official patch notes. Nothing particularly new under the sun, especially compared to the importance of the last system update. In fact, it’s probably normal that this patch is that simple (version 21.01-, considering the importance of the last.

PS5: A new firmware update has been released

The focus in fact, in all probability, is to improve and solve the problems caused by the new additions. In fact, with the last update, the possibility of transfer games to external USB drives and of enable cross-gen Share Play, along with various visual enhancements to the console menu. The possibility of turn off HDR for games that don’t support it and the 120Hz support for 1080p monitors.

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