Nightmares of Nature: Blumhouse’s new horror docuseries

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Blumhouse on track for new project on horror docuseries Nightmares of Nature. The struggle for survival of wild fauna, in a horrific and mysterious nature

According to the latest revelations bounced on the web; there Blumhouse Television is ready to take the field with the new horror docuseries; Nightmares of Nature. Together with the collaboration of Plimsoll Productions (known to specialize in natural history projects); the spectator will be able to restlessly observe the animals in their wild habitat; represented in a continuous struggle for survival in the wild horrorific and mysterious nature. These are the statements of Chris McCumber (President of Blumhouse Television) on the project in the field:

Plimsoll is the world’s best in natural history and factual programming, and in Nightmares of Nature, Plimsoll and Blumhouse will use our storytelling and productive forces

Nightmares of Nature: Blumhouse's new horror docuseries

Nightmares of Nature: the hidden faces of nature in Blumhouse’s horror docuseries

Nightmares of Nature stands out as a horror documentary about wildlife, confronted with the terrible dangers and horrors hidden by nature. Among bleeding trees; vampire fish and other little-known creatures and situations, here is Alan Eyres, Plimsolla’s lead on the project in collaboration with Blumhouse:

To tell this story, we couldn’t have wished for better Blumhouse collaborators. Combining the greatest horror filmmakers with some of the best natural history storytellers in the world is a unique opportunity to create a more visceral and emotional entry point into nature than anything we’ve seen before.

At the moment the docuseries Nightmares of Nature has not yet revealed a release date and an official distribution channel. The executive producers will be Jason BlumChris McCumber and Gretchen Palek (for Blumhouse), along with Grant Mansfield, Alan Eyres, Tom Hugh-Jones and Martha Holmes of Plimsoll. In the meantime for further updates, continue to follow us on to stay in line with the latest news in the world of cinema and TV series!

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