Nikon: presented the new NIKKOR 17-28 F / 2.8

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Nikon introduces the new NIKKOR Z 17-28mm f / 2.8, the mirrorless full-frame wide-angle zoom ideal for travel, events and creative storytelling

Whether they are natural landscapes or urban views, close-ups or street shots, architectural or interior photos, the new NIKKOR Z 17-28mm f / 2.8 is the perfect lens with which to tell stories from a truly exclusive point of view. The range of focal lengths offered by this new NIKKOR Z lens allows photographers and videomakers to take all-encompassing wide-angle shots or play with exaggerated proportions and perspectives, even creating a sense of space when shooting interviews in confined spaces.

Nikon: The new NIKKOR 17-28 F / 2.8

Designed to deliver creative wide-angle photography, the NIKKOR Z 17-28mm f / 2.8 lens is versatile and easy to use. The constant f / 2.8 aperture is ideal for shooting in any type of light or for working with shutter speeds. In addition, the lens allows for a beautiful bokeh effect when shooting at maximum aperture. Those who want to shoot impactful ultra-wide-angle close-ups will be able to take advantage of the minimum focusing distance of just 19cm, which allows for crisp, clear results when shooting at close range. In addition, the large zoom ring of the lens ensures comfortable handling and stable framing. Plus, Nikon’s responsive AF quickly focuses on subjects, regardless of whether they’re placed in the foreground or background.

NIKKOR Z 17-28mm f / 2.8: main features

  • Lightweight 17-28mm ultra wide-angle zoom lens: Outstanding sharpness and less distortion, even when shooting ultra-wide angle at 17mm.
  • Short Close Focusing Distance: The minimum focusing distance of just 19cm1 allows for sharp results when shooting a subject close-up.
  • Constant f / 2.8 wide aperture: Maintains consistent exposure across the entire zoom range. Ideal for shooting in any type of light or for working creatively with shutter speeds and depth of field.
  • Beautiful bokeh effect: The large Z-mount bayonet and the circular 9-blade rounded aperture f / 2.8 allow you to obtain large soft balls with the bokeh effect when shooting wide open. The bokeh effect is accentuated when you take photos at close range.
  • Also ideal for video: sequences will not be disturbed by unwanted noises caused by the focusing operation, thanks to the extremely quiet AF.
  • The extremely reduced focus breathing variation in focal length also allows users to change focus with agility while maintaining the composition of the frame.
  • Safe Focus: AF is fast, smooth, discreet and accurate.
  • Easy Control: The quiet, large and customizable zoom control ring is simple to use when you need to keep your eye on the viewfinder.
  • Ready to travel: Weighing only 450g (approx.), This lightweight lens is sealed to ensure protection from dust and water droplets.2