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Nikon Z 9: firmware 2.10 available for the new mirrorless

Nikon makes firmware 2.10 available for Nikon Z 9 with updates and new features

Nikon releases firmware with updates for full-frame mirrorless designed for professional photographers and videomakers.

The update introduces a new high-frequency flicker reduction feature that, when activated in photo shooting mode, allows shutter speed to be adjusted in smaller increments. Previously, shutter speeds could be adapted to 1/3 or 1/2 EV, however new enhancements allow users to adjust shutter speeds down to those as small as 1/96 EV.

Nikon Z 9 the full-frame mirrorless now with its upgrade

The ability to adjust shutter speeds more precisely than ever allows you to control the effect of flicker, even when high-frequency oscillating LED lights and signs are present during shooting.

The update will also improve AF tracking performance, particularly when shooting small subjects that occupy a small portion of the frame. In addition, focus accuracy has been refined for using face or eye detection AF with Continuous AF (AF-C). These updates will allow photographers and videographers to achieve even more stable footage.

Nikon, as always, is committed to meeting the needs of users through its firmware updates, providing useful and appropriate functions for the most varied needs.