Nikon Z fc: price and release in Italy

We finally know the price and availability of Nikon Z fc, the new APS-C mirrorless with a retro design

Nikon recently unveiled a new mirrorless camera, l’elegante Nikon Z fc, which represents the meeting between the aesthetics of classic Nikon cameras and the innovative technology of the Z series, for exceptional image quality combined with an unaltered pure style. Curated, like every Nikon Z, down to the smallest detail, the Nikon Z fc is both an artistic tool and an extension of one’s personal expression. Perfect accompaniment to any outfit or style, the Nikon Z fc is beautiful to see both over the shoulder and in the hands. With this new mirrorless, a fascinating combination of design, high performance and advanced features, it’s easy to turn your everyday moments into stunning photos and videos.

In addition to the Nikon Z fc, two new lenses have been presented that complete its seductive look: NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f / 3.5-6.3 VR Silver Edition lens and NIKKOR Z 28mm f / 2.8 SE lens. Nikon Z fc is the ideal camera for design lovers and those eager to take visual communication to the next level. Drawing on Nikon’s unrivaled tradition and history of innovation, the Nikon Z fc is inspired by the legendary Nikon FM2, the reference film camera released in 1982.

Nikon Z fc: price and release in Italy

Nikon Z fc: the new mirrorless between tradition and innovation

With its fine vintage style, the Nikon Z fc camera body is housed in a high quality leather-like material, with a glossy black coating that gives it an extraordinary finish. The ferrulesSimple to use, they ensure full shooting control by allowing you to quickly set shutter speed, exposure compensation and ISO sensitivity, for maximum enjoyment while shooting. Every single ferrule is finely milled aluminum and the mechanisms operate with incredible precision (you can also hear the classic “click” when they move): the pleasure of shooting is at your fingertips.

Thanks to the large Z-Mount bayonet coupling and al 20.9MP DX format sensor with an extended ISO range from 100 to 51,200, Nikon Z fc offers exceptional sharpness, detail and clarity, as well as a smooth and fast autofocus system that allows you to shoot on the go up to 11 frames per second. Ideal for street photography, fashion photography and more, the Nikon Z fc is designed to be carried anywhere, thanks to its small size and weight, making it ideal for carrying over the shoulder or storing in a bag. The camera is also extremely handy for both regular users of mirrorless cameras and first-time users.

Nikon Z fc: price and release in Italy

Wherever you are, even in critical conditions such as at a concert or in a museum, the Nikon Z fc will still be able to create images of the highest level, thanks to theexceptional ability to take quality photos even in low light conditions or even in the dark. In addition, this new camera is also the perfect tool for taking selfies, thanks to its variable angle monitor that can be rotated forward, automatically activating the camera in Self Portrait mode. The Nikon Z fc is truly perfect for everyone, whether it’s your first camera or one to add to your Nikon collection.

Also, if you are looking to take portraits of other people, the feature comes into play AF with intelligent eye detection of Nikon Z fc, which allows you to automatically capture the subject’s eye in both photographs and videos, even if the subject is in motion. The camera also includes 20 Creative Picture Control options that offer unique customizations: by selecting models with different parameters such as hue, tone and saturation, you can express a variety of moods and adjust the effects according to your purposes and tastes.

Nikon Z fc: price and release in Italy

Main features

  • Legendary camera design: Here there is passion in the details. The pentaprism design and the balance of black and silver elements on the Nikon Z fc body mirror the FM2, as does the adoption of a circular eyepiece for the electronic viewfinder, the ring design and the Nikon logo engraved as in the 70s-80s. At the same time, reliable strength is achieved by using magnesium alloy structures.
  • Simplified operation and creative expression: The upper part of the Nikon Z fc camera body is equipped with three dials and a small panel showing the aperture. The dials control shutter speed, exposure compensation and ISO sensitivity and allow you to change settings with a simple operation. In addition, the “i” button and “i” menu, which allow you to quickly adjust a variety of settings with the push of a button, can be customized to suit individual shooting preferences.
  • For the first time in a Nikon Z series camera, the Nikon Z fc camera can support the exposure compensation during Auto mode, allowing you to achieve the desired expression by increasing brightness, enhancing silhouettes, and so on.
  • Improved focus and variable angle shooting capabilities: The Nikon Z fc supports eye detection AF and animal detection AF for still and video shooting, features originally introduced in the Nikon Z 7II and Nikon Z 6II. Wide-area AF mode (L) and AF-area mode are available, further ensuring clear eye and face capture by limiting the focus area. It is also possible to sequentially focus the eyes of the intended subject when there are several people in the frame or activate eye tracking of a moving pet.
  • Capturing excellent photos and videos even in dark situations is ensured by covering a range of values ​​of standard sensitivity ISO 100-51,200. In addition, vertical shooting with top and bottom shots is possible thanks to the adoption of the first variable angle monitor among the Z series cameras. When the monitor is rotated in close-up orientation, the camera automatically switches to self-portrait mode to enable smooth shooting of selfies with a simple touch.
  • Increased connectivity via SnapBridge version 2.8: The SnapBridge app can be used to transfer photos and videos recorded with the camera to a smart device, making it easier to share on social media. The application allows you to reach even the latest camera firmware. SnapBridge version 2.8, with a new user interface, now supports two auto connection modes: Foreground mode and Background mode. Close-up mode connects to the camera only when the app is activated, reducing the drain on the camera’s battery. Background mode has a constant connection that automatically transfers images even when the app is not activated.

Nikon Z fc: price and availability

Nikon Z fc will be sold in 3 configurations:

  • Nikon Z fc Body + SD 64GB 667 Pro: available from July 28 at the indicative price to the public of 1.049 euro
  • Nikon Z fc + NIKKOR Z DX 16-50 VR Silver + SD 64GB 667 Pro: available from July 28 at the indicative price to the public of 1.189 euro
  • Nikon Z fc + NIKKOR Z 28mm f/2.8 SE + SD 64GB 667 Pro: available from July 28 at the indicative price to the public of 1.299 euro

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