Nina, i tuoi audio sex toys: un progetto dedicato al desiderio e al piacere femminile thumbnail

Nina, your audio sex toys: a project dedicated to female desire and pleasure

Nina is the first all-Italian app dedicated tofeminine erosthanks to erotic stories in audio format.

Nina thinks of women with erotic stories in audio format

Thanks to the great success of audiobooks, why not think of something that combines the intimate sphere of women with that of erotic stories? Luckily Nina is in Italy to experience these horizons, who tries to break down every stereotype to put the pleasure of women.

Indeed, and it is no mystery, the 44% of women watch porn which, too often, are designed for a purely male audience.

Starting from these data and these observations, the founders of Nina asked themselves a more than legitimate question: what stimulates female desire and what are the most recurring fantasies?

This was the starting point of two sisters, Talitha is sickgeneration X and millennials, respectively. A prologue certainly not easy, given all the beliefs that still exist on female desire. And testifying to this sort of taboo that is difficult to eradicate is the statement released by the two founders:

“Although our generations have experienced sex differently, we have realized that education and sexual well-being, acceptance of one’s body and the freedom to express what makes us feel good are still a distant obstacle for many women .

We decided to work on Nina’s project thinking above all of women; for men, sex and sexuality are cleared themes but we believe that our contents can be an excellent alternative for them too”.

In short, Nina is a completely new attempt to break down stereotypes, dogmas that unfortunately are extended to any generation of women who find themselves trampling the planet.

The data speak for themselves: since June the app has been downloaded further 3.800 voltewith an average review of 4.7. Furthermore, the community is growing rapidly and actively participates by sending stories and audio stories for the various categories that populate the application.

How and where to use Nina

Nina is available in two versions: for the web or downloadable directly from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Yet despite all these efforts – which hopefully will lead to a new vision of female eros – the question remains: why is the pleasure of women still so scary?

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