Philips: la tecnologia al servizio dello sport per gestire gli infortuni sul campo thumbnail

Philips: technology at the service of sport to manage injuries on the pitch

Royal Philipsa global leader in the health technology sector, has announced that Olympia Basketball Milan chose the portable ultrasound Philips Lumify to evaluate the condition of their athletes directly on the playing field in the event of injuries.

The Philips Lumify portable ultrasound at the service of Olimpia Milano

Having to resort to current hospital ultrasound solutions to arrive at a diagnosis could take several hours, considering the times of transport and consultation of a doctor. The delay in identifying the most appropriate therapeutic plan can also have consequences on recovery times.

Thanks to the Lumify portable ultrasound solution, which can be used anywhere, by connecting to a simple smartphone, tablet, or other compatible portable device, the medical staff of the “Red Shoes” are able to perform a initial diagnosis in virtually real timewhether the injured player is on the hardwood, in the gym, or elsewhere.

“Philips Lumify is a particularly useful tool in contexts such as sports, where injuries are frequent and immediate analysis of physical conditions is required“, he said Matteo Acquati, team doctor of Olimpia Pallacanestro Milano. “Lumify allows us to make an initial assessment and make decisions much faster, wherever we are. This allows us to offer better care to our players and to deal with injuries as soon as they occur, even on the road or in places with no nearby hospitals“.

Lumify 9

Field diagnostic ultrasound

Thanks to the advanced ultrasound processing system integrated in the ultrasound probes (transducers) of Lumify, the doctor is simply enough scaricare l’app Lumify on a compatible tablet or smartphone, connect the probe itself and start the scan.

Featuring exceptional image quality, Lumify can be used for a variety of clinical applications, including cardiology, abdominal, musculoskeletal, lung exams and thanks to a diverse and comprehensive range of ultrasound probes (transducers), it allows clinicians to evaluate a wide range of different potential injuries.

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