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Nintendo Direct: fake insider guesses all the ads

During the past few hours, the case of Waddle Dee Knowsan alleged insider who was incredibly active on the evening of February 9 and who predicted the announcements of the recent Nintendo Direct. Here, although it might seem like a reliable source, it was a fake profile, created a few hours before the event and which he simply took a guess.

Insider anticipates all the Nintendo Direct announcements by taking a guess

To confirm the inauthenticity of one’s predictions it was the account itself, which stated that it had simply experimented on how simple it was to create an ad hoc insider profile and guess the ads while also succeeding in its intent. Here is the user’s modus operandi:

“This account was an experiment to see how easy it is to falsify your predictions without getting caught,” he tweeted. Waddle Dee Knows. “Yes, I guessed everything in the Direct and deleted the things that weren’t shown.” In short, the user has opted for a reactive approach with respect to what was said during the show of the big N, eliminating the evidence of the wrong predictions and keeping only the correct ones online.

We must admit that the final result obtained from the self-styled insider it did its job, as it actually looked researched and pretty neat. Waddle even deliberately left some bizarre information in his prediction to make it appear even more credible; which obviously led some realities to cite it directly as a “reliable source”.

The profile has in fact accumulated thousands of followers in a few hours, before it was unmasked by some Reddit users and Waddle himself revealed the deception.

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