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The Typewise smartphone keyboard beats Google and Apple in accuracy

The Swiss company Typewise has registered a patent for the automatic correction and the text prediction which also beats the Google and Apple keyboard. In fact, tests show that Typewise corrects multiple errors of both Google Gboard and Apple Keyboard.

The Typewise smartphone keyboard beats both Apple and Google

The patent registered by the Swiss company showcases Typewise’s potential in automatic correction and predictive text. Perhaps the kind of artificial intelligence we use most often, for chorrid typos while we send some chat messages to our friends or write an email while we go to work by public transport.

The texts conducted by Typewise show how the fix is more effective than that of the two giants Google and ApplAnd. They produce the keyboard software used by the vast majority of smartphone users.

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According to Typewise’s data, his keyboard corrects 72.38% of errors, against 70.64% of Gboard and 67.59% of Apple’s keyboard. The percentage of words correct by mistake is also better: that of Typewise is only 0.39%. While Google reaches 0.92% and Apple at 0.75%. This results in a ‘saving’ of typed characters 65% for Typewise, while Google reaches 48% and Apple 50%.

David Eberle, co-founder and CEO of Typewise explains: “We are generally Apple fans but neither they nor Google have perfected automatic correction or text prediction. We wanted to build something better and that’s exactly what our AI technology has achieved. And now we protect it with a patent. Our work demonstrated how it is possible for small companies to beat the giants of Big Tech when we focus and the job is done well ”.

Typewise is revolutionizing smartphone typing with its app. But it also has a desktop application to help businesses write more accurate and error-free emails. As well as a set of APIs to implement.

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