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Nintendo Direct Mini: All June 2022 Partner Showcase Announcements

Here are all the announcements of the Nintendo Direct Mini for June: Will the 25-minute Partner Showcase prove itself worthy of the E3 miss?

It is evident at this point that the minutes of the presentation of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, if combined with the duration of the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase today, results in the presentation at the center of rumor for weeks and all the various announcements have proved it to us. Of course, there is a lot to talk about. And there’s plenty to see too, if you missed it. For this reason, we will include below the integral event if you don’t want spoilers whatsoever. If, on the other hand, you are curious to know what the support of third parties is at the halfway point of the Switch life cycle, we invite you to continue reading. Let’s go!

The dawn of a new presentation

Of all the announcements, the first of this Nintendo Direct Mini is the least surprising. There is no shortage of updates about the titles already announced, and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is one of them. The expansion of the already ambitious title took a big chunk of the presentation, but it did so with good reason. The spectacular views are certainly not the only highlight of this DLC: the massive presence of dubbed cutscenes suggests that we will have a real version 1.5 of the game in our hands. In addition, new monsters and content are expected in the free updates expected this August, autumn, winter and 2023. The expansion comes out on June 30ththat is, the day after tomorrow, with a demo available now.

NieR: Automata The End of YoRHa Edition – all June Nintendo Direct Mini announcements

The rose of IP coming to Nintendo Switch continues to expand, given a curveball expected by all those who had waited to see NieR:Automata peep through the announcements of the Direct Mini today. In 5012, organic life was supplanted by its mechanical counterpart. It’s up to us, in the YoRHa team that gives this re-release its name, to claim the Earth after taking refuge en masse on the moon. Yes: 2B finally lands on the hybrid console of the Grande N! As the different name suggests, this edition will include all the DLC from the original game plus exclusive costumes. NieR:Automata The End of YoRHa Edition will be among us the 6 October (pre-orders from today).

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes – all June Nintendo Direct Mini announcements

A web of deceptions and a mysterious murder: this awaits us in the palace filled with memories of Lorelei and the Laser Eyes. This is an adventure with a calm pace like a graphic adventure, but at the same time as tense as in the first Clock Tower. The puzzles to be faced will not be lacking, as will the style that this production of Annapurna Interactive already oozes from every pore. As this is a production that we would have seen as exclusive elsewhere, we were very (pleasantly) surprised that the game will be released. next year in temporal exclusive per Switch.

SUPER BOMBERMAN R 2 – all June Nintendo Direct Mini announcements

The return of the Hudson-born bomber in style has paved the way for an unexpected, but always welcome, sequel. Super Bomberman R 2 adds to the already popular original game an asymmetrical multiplayer mode that seems to take inspiration (in part) from the tower defense genre. The Castle mode, however, is only one of the various innovations present in the game. In fact, there will also be a level editor, with which to share your creations with the rest of a community that today will certainly be uncorking the sparkling wine. It is better to keep some for New Year’s Eve too, though: in fact, we don’t talk about it before 2023.

MEGAMAN BATTLE NETWORK LEGACY COLLECTION – all June Nintendo Direct Mini announcements

It is really true that, in an era of increasingly difficult videogame preservation, mom Capcom is always there for her fans. It joins the already large ranks of collections dedicated to the cobalt robot Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection, which brings together the beauty of ten of the role-playing games dedicated to Lan and his partner Megaman.EXE (no, it’s not a creepypasta of dubious taste). And as is now tradition for Capcom buffets, there will also be the very welcome aspect of a celebratory museum, complete with artwork and a (rich) jukebox. Even in this case, however, we speak of the 2023.

PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC – all June Nintendo Direct Mini announcements

It was the year 2000 when the first Pac-Man World celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the devourer by revisiting the concept of PAC-LAND. The platformer was not without flaws (one above all the boss Anubis Rex, infamous for a margin of error that the testers missed), but the writer has been waiting for a long time to be able to give him a second chance. Lo and behold, with Pac-Man World: Re-PAC Bandai Namco promises exactly that: to do justice to a decidedly intriguing adventure. The graphics engine and art style have received a new coat of paint, but there is certainly no shortage of novelties. What is missing, fortunately, is a long wait: the game will already be with us August 26.

Blanc – all June Nintendo Direct Mini announcements

If you loved the concept of the animated film Red and Toby: Enemies, you’ll love a story in which a fawn and a wolf join forces. Winter in Blanc it’s hard, and certainly the same will be true for the return home. Keeping us company in a black and white world will be a breathtaking cel-shaded graphic style and a co-op dynamic in which each of the protagonists will boast a different strength. It will also be possible to collaborate online, to face an adventure completely devoid of texts. And we too were left speechless, to see that it is aexclusive for an indefinite period of Gearbox which will arrive on next February.

Return to Monkey Island – all June Nintendo Direct Mini announcements

With a piratical “R” capable of making the buccaneers of half the Caribbean archipelago turn pale, the narrator opened the dance for Return to Monkey Island. That lovable fool of Guybrush Threepwood is therefore making his return, without retro graphics as promised by the creator of the series, even on the red and blue ship of Nintendo Switch. What will remain intact from the original vision will be the (sorry) boat of humor that can be expected from this cult series. The game is scheduled for this year with a lot of possibility to add it to the wishlist, and on the console front it will also be atemporal exclusive.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope – all Nintendo Direct Mini announcements for June

Hand on the chest, ladies and gentlemen: the all-Italian combination of two IPs otherwise unrelated to Made in Italy makes a flamboyant return to Nintendo Switch. Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope promises to expand the encounter (or frontal clash?) between the two worlds, with an artistic style more tending to painting on canvas and an interplanetary threat. The Sparks (hybrids between the Rabbids and the Lashes) are in danger, and it’s up to our mismatched group to save them. Exploration will be free, and contact with an enemy will set off a turn-based battle with freedom of movement similar to the classic PC / PS1 Hogs of War. There is no shortage of novelties in the gameplay, such as the absence of grids and the launch of some enemies, while Bowser will team up with us. October 20con pre-orders from today and a Ubisoft showcase scheduled for tomorrow at 6pm.

Little Noah: Scion of Paradise – all June Nintendo Direct Mini announcements

Curved balls always go in pairs: if on the one hand there is the game itself, on the other there is often the “available at the end of this presentation“. And this is the case with metroidvania Little Noah: Scion of Paradise, in which the eponymous alchemist must explore the ruins where she ran aground with her ship. “Too bad”, however, that the ruins change shape at each entrance. In addition to the procedural generation, we will also have the opportunity to recruit allies, the Lilliputs, to fight alongside us. There are, of course, massive bosses and spectacular team combos.

RAILGRADE – all Nintendo Direct Mini announcements for June

Speaker of the railways, move: the narrator of the Direct Mini is in high spirits, and so are the trains of the management system RAILGRADE, straight from Epic Games (you may have heard of it). In this title, we will have to design the railway of our dreams, while ensuring an efficiency with which to satisfy even the dreams of those who have to transport the various goods. And deliveries are at the heart of the entire gameplay experience, with all the quests and side quests that come with it. The number of trains and their length will force us to fully exploit our strategic skills. Except for a “delay announcement” that will force Epic and Nintendo to “apologize for the inconvenience”, the arrival at the station is scheduled forAutumn.

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright – all June Nintendo Direct Mini announcements

If you have dreamed of creating an RPG and you want a videogame transposition of the daydream itself, you have found the game for you. In RPG Time: The Legend of Wright, little Kenta creates a role-playing game in his over 200-page notebook. And since he hurts the pen more than the sword, the drawing will be the winning weapon to escape unscathed from this imaginative adventure. This promising delusion gives us an appointment on the Nintendo Switch for the August 18. If the premise has intrigued you as much as we do, you can preorder the game right now.

Sonic Frontiers – all Nintendo Direct Mini announcements for June

Let the Kyoto giant be the one to do the marketing on behalf of its former sworn enemy. Today’s presentation gave us new details on Sonic Frontiers, such as the game world. Specifically, the Starfall Islands, home of a mysterious civilization, will be the backdrop to our adventures. The game will also answer the fateful question: “What would it be like to explore an open world with Sonic’s red shoes?” The fights will not only be based on the blue hedgehog’s hunt attack, but will also feature punches, kicks and even counter attacks. The cyberspace will also allow us to deal with more linear levels. Apart from these news, the release period is always and only “winter 2022”.

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