Nintendo Direct: new presentation in September, according to Jeff Grubb

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Direct presentation from indirect sources: insider Jeff Grubb strikes again, suggesting a Nintendo Direct for the month of September

Although the Grande N does not have a real roadmap for its presentations, it is true that every year boasts a similar pattern: for this reason, Jeff Grubb he returned to the fray predicting a Nintendo Direct for the month of September. We had a showcase last month, of course, but we also know that the fall frontrunner is always full of news. Apparently, therefore, 2023 will prove to be no different from previous years. “We know” therefore what month it is, but what about the data real? This is where the leaker narrows it down. The Colossus of Kyoto live event will be held in Seattle at first four days of September, and it is in conjunction with the event that the (for now elusive) presentation should be held.

September Nintendo Direct: What does Jeff Grubb know?

Even in the seventh year of the Switch life cycle, the Big N will probably have a lot to show. The busy autumn of the wonder hybrid includes titles such as Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the return of Super Mario RPG and, later, also the solo title dedicated to Peach and the remaster of Luigi’s Mansion 2. As far as possible curve ballsGrubb mentioned Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Remastered and another Zelda arriving. We don’t venture any predictions on the second, but regarding the first (after Metroid Prime Remastered and Pikmin 1 + 2) we already feel the scent of shadow drops. Of course, however, we dare not say more!

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: what do you expect in autumn? Let us know below, and as always, don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Kinguin.

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