Nintendo Direct: Recap of all February 2023 announcements

Imparare l'inglese online: ecco come fare e perché

The Big N also opens 2023 in a big way: here are all the announcements of the Nintendo Direct for February, one year after the incredible predecessor

Quoting the late Fabrizio Frizzi: “it had to happen that it happened”, and when even Jeff Grubb speaks of a Nintendo Direct in the air it was only a matter of time before the Kyoto giant said “yes”, also confirming in the 2023 the tradition of a February marked by announcements for all tastes. But tradition is not only a trademark of the Grande N. Au contraire, we too love to dedicate his time to the “carpet” of the giant in “red”. If you want to avoid spoiler, you can watch it all over again below. However, if you’re in a hurry, or if you’ve seen the event and want to make up your mind… take a seat!

Pikmin 4 – All February 2023 Nintendo Direct Announcements

Being that in 2023 the health emergency has not yet completely withdrawn, it goes without saying that Nintendo has decided to open the February Direct with a message of closeness to all those affected by the pandemic before the various announcements. That said, we start strong with Pikmin 4, which after the landing of the spacecraft and the return of the teaser bench offers us some new material. Beyond the protagonist, there are also new minions including new Pikmin such as the glacial one to freeze stagnant water, a canine companion capable of dragging the Coleti and much more. We will be able to plan, hunt for treasure, look for “castaways” and resist unscathed until dawn from July 21st.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Expansion Pass – All February 2023 Nintendo Direct Announcements

Back to the action with Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The game involves the arrival of the new heroine Masha with the expansion pass whose volume 3 is expected the February 16th. The girl is a carver who really knows her stuff, allowing us to access crafting mechanics with the materials collected by the player. In addition, there are additional challenges in the roguelike mode “Tenzone del Sommo”, in which with each victory it is possible to unlock rewards such as heroes, skills and costumes. As for volume 4, the Big N has only given us a small taste: the return of some of our old acquaintances. But we don’t know anything else, including the date.

Samba de Amigo: Party Central – All February 2023 Nintendo Direct Announcements

Would it be a Nintendo Direct without the more complete comeback of certain old glories? Of course not, which is why SEGA has dusted off its hat to resurrect none other than its best-known music game. With Samba de Amigo: Party Central we will be able to shake our Joy-Con like maracas, following the instructions to reproduce the requested moves and dance. And given the theme of Valentine’s Day looming, why not test the love with the partner who dances with us in co-op? The “world party”, then, will put us in competition with other online players. We’ll go wild with 40 songs from every genre quest’estate.

Fashion Dreamer – All February 2023 Nintendo Direct Announcements

If the Kyoto Colossus doesn’t move to churn out more Style Boutiques, someone else will have to think about it. And that’s why Marvelous rides the wave of Chiara Ferragni and company with Fashion Dreamer, where the explicit aim of the player is to become an influencer. Likes are a real game mechanic: they allow you to unlock clothes and much more. The gameplay is all about design, as mixing clothes leads to new styles. In the game, however, you will also have to work on your entourage, expanding your circle of friends. This console exclusive is expected for this year.

Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania and Tron: Identity – All February 2023 Nintendo Direct announcements

We have juicy news on two games, both authentic celebrations of pop culture. Let’s start with the obvious with Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania, in which the rogue-lite platformer brings “two grim worlds” into one. We will be able to explore the castle of the dark prince “together with Richter Belmont and Alucard”, as well as brandishing the Vampire Slayer and other historical weapons of the saga. Musically we can expect 12 covers and 51 original songs the March 6thcon pre-orders on eShop already available. Oh, and it’s expected to April a new title dedicated to the virtual world of Disney, with a “puzzle” adventure Tron: Identityas a time exclusive.

Ghost Trick: Ghost Detective and Decapilice – All February 2023 Nintendo Direct Announcements

Here too we combine two announcements into one starting from Ghost Trick: Detective Fantasma, the triumphant return of the title seen years ago on Nintendo DS. Here too we will play as a detective… well, passed away, investigating with the possibility of controlling objects from the afterlife. Estate 2023. As for Decapolis, this title from Level-5 oozes style from every pore. In the game we will investigate as a “special unit” of the Broadstone police, alternating detective work with RPG combats (“tactical operations”) in the virtual world Decasim, which however is altered by a mysterious hacker in the pay of a multinational company. 2023.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon – All February 2023 Nintendo Direct Announcements

Tremble, tremble, the witches are back… or rather, the toughest of all is back. In the spinoff-slash-prequel Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, the young Cereza will join the witches as an apprentice to save her mother. To help her there will be the demon Cheshire (English name of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, ed), alternating her ability to trap her enemies with her battle skills of him. During the adventure we will see both grow, both in terms of narrative and in terms of gameplay. Not much left: the game is expected on March 17, 2023hey pre-orders they are already open.

Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass – All announcements from the February 2023 Nintendo Direct

With his markedly cryptic and narcissistic style, Splatoon 3 unbuttons a bit in terms of DLC. The Expansion Passes it will be released in two different “waves”, i.e. in brackets like the Big N has been getting us used to for some time now. The first, scheduled for this springwill take us back with a subway ride to the hub of the first Splatoon, Coloropolis. The city brings with it old acquaintances, but also the Salmon Run, the Splattanza, the pack and also the use of the amiibo that we know well, as well as the Sea Sirens concerts. After so much “modernity and tradition”, in second wave the very white world of the Tower of Order awaits us, but we only know the total price: 25 euro in all, with pre-orders soon.

Disney Illusion Island – All February 2023 Nintendo Direct Announcements

One of our coachmen from previous Directs returns, rhyming with Mickey Mouse! He, as well as Minnie, Donald and Goofy set off on an adventure on the island of Lunaria in Disney Illusion Island, by Dlala Studios (the latest Battletoads). We will be able to run, jump and swing using (and unlocking) skills based on the personality of each of the characters, such as momentum jump, ground strike and glide. Everything will be tastefully usable in co-op, from collaboration with “unusual allies” to clashes with “dangerous enemies”. Exclusive to Switch, July 28th.

Fire Emblem Engage: Expansion Pass – All announcements from the February 2023 Nintendo Direct

With the third Expansion Passes of the Direct, we can say with certainty that Nintendo has definitely become familiar with the concept of DLC. Also for Fire Emblem Engage we can therefore expect publication in stages: we start with the package 2, which brings back to our ranks several characters from the past. Hector, emblem of strength, wields an axe, while Soren, emblem of acumen, casts spells and the irrepressible Camilla, emblem of revelation, fights as Fates fans know well by now. In the package 3 Chrom and Daraen return, emblem of bonds, as well as the summoner Veronica, emblem of heroes. In the package 4 the “Malignant Chapter” will be playable. You start playing after the presentationwith a total cost of 30 euro.

Harmony: the Fall of Reverie – All February 2023 Nintendo Direct Announcements

We are approaching the first roundup of the live broadcast, but first the Big N has some time to dedicate to Harmony: the Fall of Reverie. The game is a “narrative” adventure set in the world of Reverie, inhabited by deities called aspirations. A megacorporation has sabotaged the harmony between Reverie and a new world reachable with the clairvoyance of the protagonist, which will also prove to be the key to the salvation of mankind. The music is by Lena Raine, to whom we owe the Celeste soundtrack. thistime exclusivein which we will have to side with one of the six aspirations such as Bond, Power and Chaos, is scheduled for this June.

Triccheballache, the roundup – All the announcements of the Nintendo Direct February 2023

And you go with one roundup to which, as you know by now, we will dedicate exactly the time that Nintendo Direct focuses on. That is, little.

  • Octopath Traveler II: the demo it’s available Today con transferable saves to full game, February 24th.
  • We Love Katamari Reroll+ Royal Reverie: port of the original game where you roll objects between schools, zoos and the open space; King of the Cosmos young playable, new features, new challenges, in-game selfie camera, the June 2nd. Playable between 20 and 26 February for members of Nintendo Switch Online.
  • Sea of Stars: spiritual heir of Chrono Trigger, a role-playing game in which the “powers of the sun and moon” are exploited, Yasunori Mitsuda as composer. Demo available todayfull exit August 29th.
  • Omega Strikers: ibrido free-to-play tra dodgeball ed air hockey, April 27th with pre-orders from now.

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection – All February 2023 Nintendo Direct Announcements

Agatha Christie said: “A clue is a clue, two clues are a coincidence, but three clues prove.” And we have proof that this is the Nintendo Direct of reunions with Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection, which re-proposes the trilogy of dungeon crawlers in HD with Atlus-branded “to be filled in” maps. And as Atlus games, these three bad boys have a rate of…