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Nintendo Direct: Recap of all June 2023 announcements

Solo, unusual and incognito: here is the Nintendo Direct, bringing up the rear of June 2023, with 40 minutes of announcements for all tastes

We alluded to part of its contents with a rumor, only to receive official confirmation a short time later: the only constant with E3 was that it was the last presentation also in June 2023but at least we have a Nintendo Direct of which go through all the various announcements. And although after Summer Game Fest, Future Games Show, Ubisoft Forward, Xbox Games Showcase and Capcom Showcase the main fear of the fans of the Big N was that of an immense void following the triumphant return to Hyrule, the Kyoto giant wanted to appease the anxieties of his fanbase with 40 minutes full of news. Of course, the announcement tweet also alluded to a significant focus on Pikmin 4, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing else to talk about. As you can see, if you missed the event and don’t want spoilers, in the full video below!

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: DLC | Nintendo Direct: All June 2023 announcements

The Nintendo Direct opened with one of the announcements awaited by all fans of the saga, or the DLC of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: a way like any other to make it clear that it has nothing to envy compared to the other presentations of June 2023. Rubra and Riben will accompany us through Nordivia in The Turquoise Maskfirst half of the DLC The Treasure of Area Zerobetween old acquaintances in the fauna, masks for everyone and a new legendary. Fall. The Mirtillo Academy will instead be the theater of The Indigo Disc, with the Bioterrarium and its patchwork of underwater ecosystems. Note the double battles shown in the video. Winter. Use the password TREASUREHUNT to receive a Secret Gift in the event available starting today.

Sonic Superstars | Nintendo Direct: All June 2023 announcements

Understandably, an exceptional platformer fits perfectly the most receptive family of consoles towards this genre, which was seriously threatened with extinction a few years ago. Following the brilliant announcement at Summer Game Fest, we have some unreleased material showcasing the Switch version of Sonic Superstars in action. Technical compromises aside, we have more information: twelve completely new areas, plus additional functions for individual Chaos Emeralds. In fact, each of the seven offers peculiar power-ups, to be juggled in the local co-op phases which are already shaping up to be heart-pounding. Fall.

Palia | Nintendo Direct: All June 2023 announcements

What would Direct be without an exponent of the “farming sim… but is there a but”? In this sense, to play the role this time is Palia, which blends rural simulation with MMO elements. In fact, everything will be usable online, from taking care of your village to the adventure that surrounds it. In order not to miss anything from the fantasy bingo card, we also have more fictitious “races” with different animal-like NPCs. The title is expected as free-to-playand will make its debut on the Grande N hybrid platform fromwinter arriving. Until then, we can only dig…

Persona 5 Tactics | Nintendo Direct: All June 2023 announcements

Don’t worry: apart from a perhaps subdued opening for this reason, the games in the “beautiful, but we already knew” category will soon end. Before that, however, repetita iuvant: why not remember the announcement of Persona 5 Tactics? In a decidedly un-Atlus twist, we have the reconfirmation of a Switch release without years of waiting. The Phantom Thieves find themselves in an unknown world, and the only strategy for survival is divided into three attacks: close, remote and with Personae, which as always can also be combined with each other. Unleash your Triple Threat, new all-out party attack, the November 17th.

MythForce | Nintendo Direct: All June 2023 announcements

By now the “Saturday morning cartoons”, as the US nomenclature dictates, are one of the most pilloried trends in the field of animation. Or even honored, why not? The premise of MythForce is just that: a roguelike with a first-person view, set in a world at times almost indistinguishable from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. All good for animation buffs, but what about gameplay? We can already expect excellent online co-op, in its most valuable version: drop-in and drop-out, at any time. This year.

Splatoon 3 and Detective Pikachu Returns | Nintendo Direct: All June 2023 announcements

We punish Splatoon 3 denying him a separate section for radio silence on DLCs. The festival announced by Pinuccia and Morena remains precisely this: a Splatfest like many others. From 15 to 17 July we can go into hiding choosing between Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate and Mint, with the possibility of playing in modes Mist at will. Moving on to something else, the Pikachu GIF shown by the leaker Pyoro also made sense: we have the name of the sequel. It’s a matter of Detective Pikachu: Returns. Tim Goodman returns to Ryme City with his faded-cheeked, caffeine-addicted Pikachu, amidst an appearance by Mewtwo and the appearance of many recent creatures. We also have a date, October 6th!

Super Mario RPG | Nintendo Direct: All June 2023 announcements

We hoped for it, seeing “remake of a classic SNES” in the aforementioned leak. And we got it right. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, which first released in Europe only on the Wii, now has a remake, simply titled Super Mario RPG. The adaptation of the super-deformed graphics of the original promises sparks right now, while the divine Yoko Shimomura has not lost her polish as she gave us the opportunity to understand the trailer. We can assume that everything will, for the first time, also be usable in our local language. We will face Smithy and his army of living weapons from November 17th. Con pre-orders from today!

And it doesn’t end there | Nintendo Direct: All June 2023 announcements

The Peach resolute of the animated film could not fail to appeal to fans waiting for a bit of healthy girl power. The untitled platformer in which she is the protagonist is expected for the next yearbut he’s in good company. There is in fact also a remaster of Luigi’s Mansion 2 (or “Dark Moon” in America) coming to the hybrid platform, leaving only the original out of… games, the most recent re-release of which remains anchored to Nintendo 3DS. We don’t know how the game design conceived for a portable console will be reinterpreted, but what is certain is that the title will be with us, too, in the 2024.

Batman: Arkham Trilogy | Nintendo Direct: All June 2023 announcements

We’re always happy to see a ‘Trilogy’ arrive intact on Nintendo Switch and it’s hard to get more integral than that. The Rocksteady trilogy makes its return to Nintendo platforms after the second chapter’s unfortunate adventure on Wii U. Well yes, Batman: Arkham Trilogy brings the iconic Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight into the hands of Big N fans. And if the wait has put a sour taste on the purists among you, you’ll be happy to know that (as is tradition for latecomers) all DLC is included by default. Fall.

Gloomhaven | Nintendo Direct: All June 2023 announcements

We apologize if, after mentioning farming sims with variations on the theme, we haven’t said anything about board game adaptations. To give us a slap, in this sense, he provides Gloomhaven. As per tradition for many titles on Switch, also in this case we have an intriguing combination of turn-based dynamics and role-playing mechanics, between one card and another. The playable mercenaries will be 17, while the number of missions exceeds the considerable quota of 260. It takes off over 1000, then, in terms of skills. Day one is scheduled for September 18th of this year.

Just Dance: 2024 Edition | Nintendo Direct: All June 2023 announcements

Never let the transalpine publisher miss the opportunity to milk his porcelain-skinned dancers. Well yes, the Ubisoft music game (or rather, “A Ubisoft Original”) returns to make us lose weight with Just Dance: 2024 Edition, featuring 40 new songs and far greater coverage of genres from Latin American to hip hop. “New songs added all year round” await us, and the appearance of the King of Pop in the concluding collage bodes well for the French publisher’s ability to overcome any possible legal dispute. Let’s talk about it to the 24th of October. Let’s go!

Silent Hope | Nintendo Direct: All June 2023 announcements

If the prehistory of LIVE A LIVE has left you speechless, wait to see what it consists of Silent Hope. The peaceful world in which this action RPG is set suddenly becomes silent, and it will be up to our heroes to explore the abyss below to find the king. The dungeons change every time, contributing to a gameplay loop in which you return to the base camp, craft new items and better equipment, and then delve back into the depths of the underground. The princess, frozen in her own tears (however salty… ah, logic be damned!), awaits us on the 3rd of October.

Tracking that takes its time | Nintendo Direct: All June 2023 announcements

Evidently the Big N took pity on our fingers, for once: the roundup today has spent more time on fewer games. Reason why we can go into more detail too!

  • Fae Farm: it will also be released on PC, but in terms of consoles the game remains exclusive to Switch. We will be able to defeat our enemies and improve our farm using magic in both cases, with online co-op for 4 players, fromSeptember 8th.
  • Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 Turbocharged: confirmed the recent rumor. The sequel officially promises 130 vehicles to modify, an editor for both vehicles and tracks, split-screen co-op and 12-player online multiplayer starting in October 19th.
  • Manic Mechanics: practically, the concept of Overcooked: All You Can Eat, only applied to the noble work of the mechanics. We will repair cars since July 13th.
  • Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope: after the first DLC, The Last Spark Hunter it will get us in trouble with the new enemies to face on the musical planet. The contents come out todayand the demo of the title is likewise…