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Nintendo Direct | Sea of ​​Stars: release date with demo revealed!

The news presented at Nintendo Direct continues and among the latest revealed we have the release date of Sea of ​​Stars, with demo available now!

The February Nintendo Direct unveiled many new titles but also news on games already announced such as Sea of ​​Stars, whose release date has finally been revealed. This game is set in the same universe as The Messengertitle always created by the same development team Sabotage Studio’s. The title is set many years before the team’s first game and with a completely different style and genre, which recalls the initial era of console RPGs, represented by masterpieces such as Final Fantasy VI.

Sea of ​​Stars has an official release date with demo available now!

In addition to the Sea of ​​Stars release date present in the trailer, we can see other interesting aspects of the game. First, we have some stunning pixel ar imageste a notable musical composition created by master Yasunori Mitsuda, famous for making the music of games such as Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross and Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The new trailer also shows the extensive variety of places that players will visit in the game, along with some intriguing turn-based battles.

Sea of ​​​​Stars is increasingly looking like a big surprise for anyone with fond memories of that golden age of early console RPGs, and we can’t wait to experience it ourselves. We remind you that the title will arrive on Switch on August 29th it’s a free demo is available later today on the Nintendo eShop. Did you miss the announcements revealed during the February Nintendo Direct? Don’t worry, just retrieve our article about it.

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