Nintendo Direct September 2021: trailer and release date for Triangle Strategy!

From the virtual stage of Nintendo Direct in September 2021, held last night, the big N has also unveiled the release date of Triangle Strategy with a new trailer

Yes, we have already said this several times in these shores, but we really miss Final Fantasy Tactics. For this reason, when Square Enix presented Project Triangle Strategy, developed by ArtDink, during a Nintendo Direct last February, we jumped slightly in the chair. The same evening, the company also released a demo from which we drew, shortly after, our first enthusiastic impressions, which you can find here. Artistically exceptional even in the free trial version, Project Triangle Strategy seems to want to be a love hymn to that kind of T-JRPG that have fallen into disuse over the last few years, except for the Disgaea series and little else.

Fortunately there was also room for the new title of ArtDink on the Nintendo Direct stage held last night. Triangle Strategy, which left the “Project” just like Octopath Traveler did at the time, has shown itself with a new trailer in which the developers announced that they had actively listened to the feedback given by the community after the demo. And, at the end of the video material, Square Enix has also announced the official release date of Triangle Strategy, currently set for March 4th. We leave you to the delicious trailer, which you can find below.

Triangle Strategy on the Nintendo Direct stage of September 2021 with a release date!

The main improvements and changes of Triangle Strategy in recent months mainly concern the game interface, made more streamlined and smoother, the camera controls, which can now be rotated on the X axis as in all T-JPRGs, and loading times. In addition, the possibility of re-reading the previous dialogues has been added. In short, some small precautions aimed mainly at technical improvement, of course, and the quality of life.

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