Nintendo Indie World Coming Soon? Here is the leak

Nintendo sta preparando un nuovo Indie World? Ecco il leak thumbnail

Nintendo could soon announce a new Indie World conference shortly, according to what was declared by the insider Emily Rogers in a leak. The user had already got the Indie World date in December right, so it’s fairly likely that she might be right this time too. Let’s take a look at everything we know.

Nintendo: Indie World conference soon, according to a leak

Emily Rogers has a very noteworthy track record when it comes to the Nintendo ecosystem, and has already planned several events involving the big N in the past. For example, you predicted the passage of Life is Strange into the hands of Deck Nine and the aforementioned Indie Wolrd in December. So there’s a good chance she may have got it right again.

Nintendo, on the other hand, plans to release several indie titles in the next few months, such as Afterlove EP, Loco Motive and River City Girls 2, all titles that should arrive this summer without a precise release date yet, while during the winter should arrive Sea of ​​Stars. It is very likely that in a possible indie world we will talk about these video games.

There is always the possibility that during the event Hollow Knight Silksong will finally be shown, a title that has now become a legend and which has not been heard of for more than a year, despite being incredibly awaited by the community of fans. To receive confirmation of all this however, we will have to wait for official news from Nintendo.

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