Nintendo Indie World: showcase announced

Inter-Frosinone: dove vedere la partita?

Surprisingly, Nintendo has announced a new Indie World showcase full of small production titles coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s indie showcase will occur on November 14th and will last about 20 minutes, the event will only present titles of lesser importance such as indies, but still worth keeping an eye on. The presentation will begin Tuesday at midnight (for us it will therefore be 6pm) and you can follow it on the official Nintendo website or on their official YouTube channel.

Nintendo Indie World: showcase announced

Nintendo Indie World: Hollow Knight Silksong release day announced?

A few minutes after the announcement of Nintendo Indie World, the post on X was flooded with comments from fans hoping for the release of updates or even the day of release of the long-awaited Hollow Knight: Silksong, which had been postponed (initially the game was supposed to be released by June 2023). The employees of Team Cherry, developer of the video game series Hollow Knight they implored fans to keep their excitement in check. Indie World’s latest showcase took place last April this year and gave us our first look at Blasphemous 2as well as new updates regarding highly anticipated video games such as Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals and many other titles.

The Nintendo Switch, which after 6 years on the market, has sold well 132 million units since its release and the impressive thing is that, although the numbers are declining, lhe new console from the Japanese company continues to sell. We don’t know anything about the possible announcements we might see at the new Nintendo Indie World showcase, but we’re sincerely curious (and we’re also hoping for some updates on the new Hollow Knight: Silksong game). In short, we just have to wait and see what awaits us from this great new event. Continue to follow us on so you don’t miss anything from the world of video games.

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