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Nintendo Switch 2: possible release in early 2025

The second-born hybrid could arrive in 2025: when will the red-blue ribbon of Nintendo Switch 2 arrive? Nikkei reveals the possible month

The Japanese paid publication, Nikkeirevealed what appears to be the exact likely month for the arrival of Nintendo Switch 2: specifically, we are talking about March 2025. As reported by the foreign press in previous weeks, the successor to the hybrid console of the Big N has undergone a I postpone to accommodate potential unit shortages. To the detriment of the initials (and, being rumorpresumed) plans for the end of 2024, according to the renowned newspaper “priority went to the initial inventory for the next console, as well as a lineup of titles at launch” to avoid the danger represented by used and, specifically, from possible touting.

Nintendo Switch 2 and the possibility of 2025

Beyond the “set” date of 2025, Nikkei stated in its report that Nintendo Switch 2 should still be a hybrid platform, but with a larger screen (6.2 inches). The date is not definitive, as the titles ready for launch and possible unforeseen events in the production of the platform may affect the day one variations. Various sources also reported to VGC that the first quarter of next year is the period communicated by the Kyoto Colossus to the various publishers. Third-party companies were apparently notified of the delay, apparently blamed on the desire for “stronger” first-party software for the console. A delay, this, which caused a drop of 8.8% to the Big N on the Tokyo stock exchange before stabilizing at 5.8%.

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