Nintendo Switch: arriva il supporto all'audio bluetooth con il nuovo update thumbnail

Nintendo Switch: bluetooth audio support arrives with the new update

Nintendo Switch, starting with the next software update, will support bluetooth audio, allowing us to use a pair of wireless headphones. This is a feature that fans of the big N have been asking for since the launch of the console in 2017 and that the company has finally decided to implement, albeit with some limitations. In fact, it will not be possible to use too many devices connected via bluetooth at the same time.

Nintendo Switch: arriva l’audio bluetooth

According to the Nintendo customer support page, players will only be able to use two wireless controllers at a time, if they were also using headphones via bluetooth. Furthermore there is no support for wireless microphones, although in this case the choice is not surprising, given that the Switch does not provide any internal voice chat application.

Support for wireless headphones is a feature whose absence has always been particularly heavy for Nintendo Switch, to the point that many thought it could come exclusively on the OLED model. It is no coincidence that during the life cycle of the console many third-party accessories have come out to make wireless headsets compatible with the Nintendo hybrid.

This update has therefore been very positively received by fans around the world, as it is undoubtedly an important step forward. On the other hand the Nintendo’s Pro Controller, which many buy to cope with the drifting phenomenon of joycons, does not have a built-in headphone jack, which forced users to connect headphones directly to the console.

Nintendo finally specified that Switch is able to keep ten different devices stored, a common element between Switch and Switch Lite. In short, it seems that playing our favorite Nintendo games with headphones has just become significantly more comfortable.

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