Nintendo Switch: new controller unveiled this week?

Some rumors are taking hold on the net, according to which, a new controller for Nintendo Switch could be officially unveiled this week

To give credit to the information that is crowding the web, it seems that Nintendo is in the process of announcing a new controller directed to his very successful Switch. To launch the first clues he thought about it, a few days ago, VGC, which had brought to attention a document filed by the same company in Kyoto, within which reference was made to a new controller. Everything was promptly made public, only to be removed shortly after. Whether this is, however, an indirect confirmation?

Nintendo Switch is preparing to receive a new controller?

It is certainly worth noting how the documents in question, including screenshots and all the most important details relating to the device in question, will see their confidentiality agreement expire this Friday. Therefore it cannot be ruled out that Nintendo can discover their cards officially at the end of the week, more precisely on the date September 24.

Nintendo Switch: new controller unveiled this week?

This could be coupled with the rumors that see the company holding a Direct in the month of September, a hypothesis not to be excluded, given that Nintendo it generally held one of its own events at this time of year. Among the related leaks we also have those according to which the games for the Game Boy will be added to the online offer of the Kyoto house, which could be a hypothetical clue regarding the nature of the controller in question: in the past, on the occasion of the release of the NES and SNES titles, Nintendo had distributed dedicated Joy-Con, so this possibility cannot be ruled out.

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