Nintendo Switch: new update 13.2.1 available

After several weeks from the last update, this month the new firmware 13.2.1 for Nintendo Switch was finally released: let’s see what changes and adjustments have been made

Even though we are only at the beginning of 2022, these last few days have been characterized by shocking news for the videogame industry, all thanks to Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The price that this titan of the technological world has had to pay, equivalent to about 70 billion dollars, demonstrates the gigantic gap that stands between it and the other videogame companies, proving to be in a totally different league.

Despite this, Microsoft and its Xbox still remain in third place in the ranking of the most important companies in the industry, facing the giant Tencent and Sony with its PlayStation. However, while these events continue to shock gamers and surprise even economic experts, one can glimpse a rather careless attitude on the part of another Japanese company, Nintendo, which quietly releases a new update for its Nintendo Switch console, firmware 13.2.1.

The contents of the new update for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has consistently received a series of updates over the course of these six months, and several weeks have passed since the last firmware released. The fifth anniversary of the console, launched back in 2017, is also slowly approaching, and for this reason it is unlikely to see further drastic changes, even if many players still seem to wait hopefully for the possibility of obtaining themed wallpapers as happened in the past with the Nintendo 3DS, which offered backgrounds belonging to historical titles loved by fans, for example Mario, Pokémon, Sonic and many others. Unfortunately, as we have already said revolutionary updates are unlikely to arrive at this point, but that doesn’t stop Nintendo from continuing to patch the Switch system, and the new 13.2.1 update is available for download tonight.

This is a routine update, similar to the one released a month ago, which does not make significant modifications or major changes. This new firmware fixes some unspecified bugs, as read by the changelog published by Nintendo that claims to have applied “General system stability improvements to improve user experience”. To find out more about what the implemented changes concerned, a dataminer named OatmealDome wanted to analyze the update, revealing how they were inherent to the Bluetooth and al SSL system. There is therefore nothing left to do but go and update your console, without clearly expecting new features or additions of any kind.

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