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Nintendo Switch Online: the free games of October 2023… Halloween themed!

“This is Halloween, this is Halloween” but also what Nintendo Switch Online members were waiting for: the free games of October 2023

It should come as no surprise that when it’s renewal time for most Kyoto Colossus fans (who signed up when the service launched), Nintendo Switch Online does not show up empty-handed: this is the case of free games of October 2023, in theme with today’s holiday. We are talking about All Hallows’ Eve, better known in English with the contraction Halloween! The first of the affected games is Castlevania Legends for Game Boy, dated 1998. In this prequel we take the reins of Sonia Belmont, unaware patriarch of the eponymous clan of vampire hunters. Unfortunately, the canonicity of Dracula’s first attack in the chronological order of the IP has been swept away by the successors, but it certainly remains an excellent night to get a curse.

The other free Nintendo Switch Online games: former Japanese exclusives, for the end of October 2023… thrilling!

Speaking of historical importance, the most appealing are the remaining two titles for NES… or perhaps it is worth clarifying that they were created to Famicom. That’s right: to never leave Japanese shores for the religious themes it deals with, Devil World offers us to guide the little dragon Tamagon safely to the exit of a maze designed by the devil himself. The undisputed star, however, is Nazo no Murasamejo, now known by its English name The Mysterious Murasame Castle. A much more Japanese variant of the first Zelda, with the samurai Takamaru replacing Link in the… well, mysterious castle of Murasame. Astute fans among you will remember the Devil and Takamaru as Assistants in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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