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Nintendo Switch: over 111 million units sold

The hybrid that sparked skepticism has reached the quota of 111 million: Nintendo Switch exceeds a record quota with units sold

We would like to see Brenna Hillier’s expression now that same Nintendo Switch that the journalist mocked and mocked in an editorial on VG24 / 7 mel 2016 reached the share of 111 million units sold. Actually the correct number is 111,08 if we want to be precise, but they are details. This astounding result emerged from the Big N financial report for the first period of fiscal year 2023. For those less accustomed to this bizarre unit of measurement, we allude to the quarter between April and May 2022. The shortage of components due to the pandemic has still held the company back, but the numbers are even more remarkable for this.

Give the numbers, but with style: 111 million times Nintendo Switch

Despite an undoubted decline from year to year, therefore, with its 111 million Nintendo Switches flying off the shelves, it is clear that the Kyoto giant is in great shape. The demand for the console, at the expense of a quarterly decline of 22%, therefore remains “stable”. The company expects even more encouraging numbers between summer and fall. As for the previous spring, let’s talk about 3,43 milioncini (1.32 for the standard version, 1.52 for the OLED and 0.59 for the Lite variant). Nintendo Switch Sports, Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, Kirby and The Lost Land, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are the main proponents of the sales.

The console is now on the podium of the best-selling consoles, and has set its sights on silver. After another seven million, in fact, the platform will have officially ousted the Game Boy as the second best-selling console from the Japanese titan. Once that position is reached (118.69), only the Nintendo DS throne will remain (154.02) and the hybrid console will finally have completed the path of redemption of the Big N after the flop of Wii U (last place, with 13, 56 million). We will see how Splatoon 3 and other exclusives such as the amazing LIVE A LIVE will affect.

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